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20 April 2008

I got a desperate IM from Patty during the Combat Cards event, so reassured her that I would come and work on the problem as soon as I could. I said, "Don't worry." That's what I used to say right off the bat to customers who had problems, as it seemed the most important thing was to reassure them that things would be set right and they weren't to worry. It's funny that we do worry, really - especially about things like 75 cent clothing. Worry is what people do, though.

Anyway, so at a bit past 3 I went to Motorability to address the long-overdue autoreturn issue. It should have been set months ago. I had spent days replacing the roads with copied sections in the correct group, and had turned on autoreturn in United Spinal sim (which was turned off again somehow although remnants survived in the separated-out audio and video parcels). I am not in charge of the other 6 sims, but did as much of the roads in them as was possible. No autoreturn happened, though - even after that meeting last week.

The griefing has been bad, according to Patty (no wonder), and when I got there one of the tenants button-holed me and took me to a particle/penis/garbage infested parcel near his shop. I am NOT very secure on land issues at all, since I have had what I consider to be little experience, and I didn't want to make a hasty blunder and get all the tenants' builds returned, so I explained I needed to proceed cautiously. I knew some parts of the roads that had been uncopiable would go, but those were unavoidably in peril. I hope that I don't get reports of any other things gone missing. I turned on autoreturn on the roads, replaced big parts that disappeared, and IMed the tenant to make sure he was feeling all right. The new tenants seem mostly to be real life car dealers which is an interesting thing. I set autoreturn on a nearly empty parcel and replanted trees. By that time it was 9pm. There are more parcels to do, but I was exhausted.

Anyway, I transfered some leftover objects to Patty at the Ask Patty build, and linked the car (w00t H4.6). We will meet Tuesday to transfer the car garden things I had to recreate when I moved that build to a differently-shaped parcel. I have to log on simultaneously as me and the US account and transfer all the US sim builds. It's all very time-consuming and tiring, but there's nothing else to be done (well, nothing else I can do, anyway).

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First off, sorry to miss CC last night - I meant to email you but time ran away with me and I had promised Mrs A *not* to touch the computer again :)

As for the griefing - ye gods! Can't Patty get Linden to sort it - she/they must pay top dollar for their sims and it's just not right that they can be griefed! grrrr!
There are many tools available for sim owners - it isn't LL's fault if a sim owner doesn't use them.

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