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29 April 2008

Of course, I believe in everything/nothing, but it seems to me that if one thinks there could be anything at all to the idea of time travel it would make looking at the futuristic ideas of the past clues to the future. I mean, those from the future would be likely to seed the past with ideas, perhaps.

I like the idea of time travel as it is a Phun Idea, but it seems likely all time exists simultaneously and that the limitation is a Meat Puppet barrier only. A body might be like a "take a number" slip that imposes an order upon us where in fact no order exists (taking a number makes a queue abstractly rather than, say, having a tight tube entering the building so that a queue is imposed physically).

That would make time travel more confusing, if possible. We do like thing to be linear I suppose (well, some of us). All through my life I've tried to catch hold of how I think of things - time being one of the things. I think visually so I have to describe it, and words aren't very good for drawing pictures (unless they are, say, Conte crayons shaped into words - that would be much better) but my personal time is like focus, in that near in time (5 minutes ago) is in sharp focus but next Monday is out of focus. But next Monday is no less out of focus than 4000 years ago.

Thinking is strange, truth to tell. If I'm doing something creative there's no thinking involved, really. I slide completely into my right brain and can barely string three words together, and it's more like, say, dancing* than... uh... something involving stopping and starting and backtracking - trying to find a certain type of rock formation by using an inadequate map, maybe. Painting and things like that are like flying freely. Time is different. Time is mutable anyway - I don't know why people think it's relentless and precise and always just the same. For instance, childhood, while being short in years is more like a quarter or fifth of people's lives.

Stopping as I'm tired of typing.

*I first wrote surfing, then remembered I'd never surfed, then wondered, "Why don't we call it Cerfing the internet?"

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Before there were timepieces was there time? That is what is relentless. The CLOCK! It does make it possible to meet someone at the fountain at 3PM, by setting up a shared frame of reference, but it is not the reality, merely a scheduling device.

I agree, we experience things in a linear fashion (that is, one day appears to follow the last), but yesterday, if I may expand on my comment, I had a sudden experience of blobs of thought content, of approximately the same size (don't ask!) appear before my mental eyes in a rapid sequence. Some were dreams, others physical memories, and others were thoughts. It was like being on a merry-go-round of time. I was unure which time was NOW.
If you want to read up on time, try The Fabric of the Cosmos:Space, Time and the Texture of Reality - by Brian Greene...he's got a cool graph showing that movement thru space and time are in inverse proportion to each's fun to contemplate that one as you walk around or sit at your computer moving as an avatar! And then of course there is Eckhardt Tolle
~_^ L.T.
When I was quite young (9 or 10 maybe) I read a wonderful story in 2000AD (a great UK comic) about a man who had struggled all his life to invent a time machine. In the course of his work he had become obsessed and his life began to fall apart. He lost his wife, his kids, his job, but still he fought on, now driven by the need to make his machine and travel back and put his life right again.

The story opened with his success, his invention worked and he moved through time to get back to the point he began to lose control. Around him bubbles of time expanded and contracted, each showing a scene from his past. The narrative followed him backward through time, through his life, from bubble to bubble, undoing the damage to his life.

Until, as he reached the start of it all, the point his happiness began to crumble and his obsession grew, it was revealed that the bubbles weren't bubbles in time. His invention hadn't been finished. He couldn't travel through time. Instead the bubbles were the air escaping from his lungs as he sank to the bottom of a river having thrown himself of a bridge once his life's goal finally proved unobtainable and he realised he'd never be able to go back and fix the damage.

I was, in many ways, a melancholy child.
What sort of havoc might the time traveler from the past bring to the future? I wonder if those infamous time paradoxes would be a different flavor and if time is more like a ball than a straight line would the paradoxes bounce?
He could find and shoplift a cyclopedia or such then use it to make phat lewts if he could go back in time again. But if time travel became common everyone would do it, leading to unexplainable weirdness in the money sector. Like what we have now.
What is unexplainable about rampant and unchecked greed on the part of a few banks and their workers?
It isn't just the money sector they are messing with...look at the wars...suppose you just go back and start a little war that will benefit you in the future? Or natural resources...suppose you go back and build a big dam in China to save yourself in the future?
Suppose you go back and discover gene therapy...don't be naive y'all...this is serious stuff
(how i know -- in a past life i lived in the future - Lucy)
It sounds like it would get chaotic. I believe the New World Government would need to establish skills and leveling in order to gain control.

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