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14 May 2008

Tale of Tales
Incidentally, the site's LINKS are a treasure trove.

How wonderful Tales of Tales, the makers of The Endless Forest, are! I am sorry 8 is not around at the moment - there should be more variety in the games out there, and ToT has had a tough time, it seems, getting the right kind of funding, although they have garnered critical acclaim.

Rather than cede the floor completely to killer boys wanting to shoot things (which is fun, too), why can't one game have two or more different aspects? I like to run around Entropia, and I don't mind being killed by mobs although I really hate being killed by other players. You'd think there could be an overlay game that uses the program's basics, but to a different end.

Enjah said TEF is boring, which could be rightfully said. However, I enjoy the gentleness, the nonverbal aspect (a lot), the way it looks, the interaction and change. I will be happy to be a stag, and have magic stick (spells on fawns last but a few seconds for the most part). There are lots of results of spells, and it would be fun to get friends together and see what we come up with. Spells affect headdresses, coats, masks, and what else? I'd like to be able to zoom in a bit closer, however, but like many things a closer look might reveal less, not more.

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I LOVES it! Me and Enj just spent a very happy 30 mins dancing and gamboling - hope we can all meet up soon :)
The thing I love about TEF is the non verbal aspect. I get so tired of words that communicating with the anim menu is very nice. I also like the aspect of not always knowing who you are romping with,though I must confess a bit of jealously of those gleeful herds running around seeming to know each other - I am shy, so it is good to try to approach and join in the fun.

And the magic - well it is magic! I think I spent the night sleeping next to Osprey under the tree - but who really knows .
I put a pic of my fawn and glyph on my really non- blog. Have not really paid a bit of attention to it - seems my mind is too jumbled to form full sentences these days.
sorry, really hogging space here - but the previous post from she think she is a bird is me Delta - it is my fawn :)
Use as much space as you like, Delta. Tale of tales are amazing, I think. I love the nonverbal aspect, too. It really hit me as a feeling of relief and liberation the firest time I logged in.

HBA - Enj had fun? She told me yesterday it was boring!
Enjah is a fair weather fawn.
*blush* I like it now ... there is not much to do, which is what I believe I said, but it is quite charming. I like the different pelts, antlers, masks and frogginess, as well as the music which tootles while everyone dances. *eats more fungi*
We'll be stags in less than a month :D
Well I thought we had fun. hurumph! ;-)

To be honest, I get a little tired of just running and dancing... i like a little narrative to me life (hence the backgrounds I written about in SL rather than just explore). But I do love it's gentleness and other-worldlyness. I'm going to give it time :)

But I'm not sharing my 'srooms with Enj anymore!
Abd it would be nice to say... "Follow me!" if nothing else!
Her comment was BEFORE not after you met up there.

I think once we are stags it will be even more interesting. I'm interested to see what happens on various holidays.

There's an emote (first one in the group of emotes that has the rearing-up one) that looks like "play with me." Yesterday I said, "Play with me," to a stag, and he shook his head, "No," so I ran off. Usually playing involves a chase.

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