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15 May 2008


Twinity's Speedtrees.

Waiting in Enjah's gallery. Unlike me, she has made something nice.

Did the COST OF THINGS go up? I was going to add even more wriggling pink things to my apartment, but stopped at one when I thought it was a lot more uh... Twinity-lucre (whatever it's called). It might've been my imagination (quite likely). Since my apartment is already filled with writhing pink things I suppose I don't need any more. I have also bought an animation (raising fist in a bellicose fashion) and an uber lame dance (dances were a pig-in-a-poke with no preview. And my clothing. And green hair. Think that's it.


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I've been accepted for a beta now (which shows the bar is obviously too low) and I hope to get on and look about this weekend :)
There isn't a lot to see at the moment, but as Modern Humans we can wander idly from world to world in a virtual pubcrawl, supping on whatever is available.

It might be fun to have a race or a scavenger hunt one day, dashing across cyberspace. Maybe that's too much work, though ;D
Once I created my gallery I ran out of things to do in Twinity, and it does not even come close to comparing to SL, so don't wait up for me! I will go back in, but only if someone will meet me there.
I just like exploring - and right now we have endless virtual worlds to explore - and explore how they are formed, which is, to me, very, very interesting. That part is time-based .
I think more in additive terms - I am not looking for a substitute for Second Life, which is where I live, but I am conscious that this is a very special time and like sampling different places. Besides, my ulterior motive was seeing Speedtree.

Some of the other places I've been, like Kaneva when it was very new, didn't hold my attention as I "got" what the purpose and demographic was and it didn't include me (it doesn't need to - I am glad there is variety).
Well I did find out you can kinda fly in Twinity but it is odd cause you can't really leave your boxed in corner of the world and your house becomes wall-less - but hey my gallery has lovely Hawaiian music piped in. ( Search Dharmaecho Gallery or DeltadharmaDawn). I liked the pink squiggly things in the dark, nice texture on the walls and I loved Enjah's gallery but I love her gallery in SL too.

I am almost out of funds too and so I used a lot of free cherry blossoms in vases,free, so you can use as many of those as you like, upside down even.
Yes, plus when you fly out it's hard to get back inside. I was in a tree making video then went back to my walless and strange apartment and wound up having to tp away before I could get back in. I just realised today those wriggling things look like the symbol I have here for my post signature - which is the "V" key in cropcircle dingbats.

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