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03 June 2008

From the LL blogpost about SL5B:

"We’ll close with a ceremony including a special guest speaker with a very important announcement."

I wonder what that could be. I can't begin to guess. I tried - I can hardly think of anything that would be of interest to everyone, and nothing I can think of is likely.
Guest speaker: not one of us. Announcement: done deal. Very important: uh... scary. Maybe my idea of "very important" doesn't match theirs. "Important" must be for all residents, though.

A permeable barrier to VR so people can flit around as the same entity?
Neal Stephenson has written a book about SL?
SL 2.0?
UN declares SL its own separate country?
Gort, Klaatu barada nikto?
Uploading of mind now available?
Forming a partnership with some other VR like HiPiHi?
All VRs working in conjunction?
Nvidia is forming a partnership with LL and offering all premium members 50% off video cards?
First Linden in space? (Doesn't include Bub.)
LL partnering with hardware company which will produce SL-ready computers?
LL offering certification for hardware so people can purchase "SL Certified" computers.
Dalai Llama announces Tibet will be expanding its role as spiritual centre of the world by creating a presence in Second Life?
Haney Linden is going to come back and open the beta time capsule?
Someone declares SL birthday an official world holiday?

You wouldn't think things like open-sourcing server code, mono, puppeteering, etc. would be at all the type of things that might be announced as hardly anyone has a clue about them.

posted by - 1:05 PM

My first thought was Open Source stuff. Surely it can't be anything controversial (like pricing, etc.) at their birthday celebrations... surely...

Maybe they are going with an idea I think I read on Prok's blog about giving a free (and non-salable, etc.) apartment to all new residents with a small prim allowance and just to get them started. Then when they decide they like it here and want to buy / rent land the apartment is given up automatically. I *think* that was the just - anyhoo, it sounded like a great idea :-)
I don't think someone from outside would announce anything to do with SL by itself.
I can't, anyway, see an announcement about something affecting new sign-ups being announced to everyone who already signed up - the anti-target audience.
The apartment idea is a lot like the way Blumfield, etc. worked - sign up as premium and you got a house. I think applying it to everyone is probably a good move but if you do that it would need to have a time limit.
As far as controversiality - everything LL does puts a segment of the population into an uproar. Some segments bellow louder than others. Even something as happy and sweet as the holiday suns we used to have - a heart sun on St Valentine's Day, for instance, is not exempt. Once the population became large the idea was targeted by a segment of the population that didn't like the altered suns/moons.
/me wants holiday moons every night and will scream till she gets them ... /me is organizing a protest group
*Toggles holiday sun/moon*

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