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04 September 2008

WARNING: BORING if you don't play HA and maybe even then
Human Age - Egghead Celtic Elections

HA never fails to make me chortle. I'm a loyal Egghead, however.

1. "Under my rule, you will have more money than what is enough! More than what is needed to support the defense I shall raise, to defend our clan! Yes! Defense! Never again shall the enemy set foot in our land, while I lead you! Never shall they kill our soldiers, never shall they take our mighty and beautiful city again! Instead, it is we who will march for war! We will take there lands, and enlarge the greatness of our clan! Yes. There will be War. And in War we will destroy our enemies and stand in the end undefeated. Unchallanged. Mighty. A Golden Empire. But for that, there must be War. And there?will?be War! Who stands with me? Who stands wih me to the path to Victory And Glory?" (I can just hear this speech, ha!)

2. "
Reallocation of wealth now! The rich are only getting richer and the young poor eggs are dying helpless. Fair reallocation of wealth and property for a better society. NO money should be spent on military expeditions. NO borders between the tribes. For all these reasons i decided to put myself forward for general secretary (chief) of our tribe. Follow me to victory. Hasta la victoria siempre."


4. "
Display your political agenda here ! i will make the best for my people."

5. "
I am very young in moons, but since im a big creds buyer. ( lol ) advanceing very quickly! im about 12 moons old, about to turn 13 realy. Ive finished all the quests, over 30 kilos in weight, got alittle money, Ive allways obayed the code of conduct! Ive allmost got my stats all to full! So please pick me! That was alittle about me realy. Oh and ill try to follow the Tribe Cheif! And well i know you all will vote for Venus! One more thing, you might be thinking, Hes to young to be leader! He cant even go on battles! Well that is true, but its not that far off from being 18 moons old. Also, I will not make interest on the bank as long yall are paying your loans back. My door is allways for help, if you need it, with weapons, furni,ect. I will never turn down a cry for help if you realy need it! Please give my agenda a chance!

and so on...

*votes for Venus*

posted by - 4:19 PM

me too - Venus- :)
I'm going to evolve soon. Enj came screaming through Age 2 and hardly paused, and she says Age 3 is ZOMG TEH PHUN.

I felt in no particular rush as there's nowhere to go after Age 3 atm (althought that will change presumably), but am about ready to move, now. Are you going to evolve any time soon?
gaining weight at atm - wanted to reach some uber lvl of healer but unlike to ever get enough rp points ( although you will note I am number 15 on the respectables list!)- any hoo when I am in weight I will hang out for Silver a bit but most likely evolve - I am way too curious not to sneak into the new world.

Did you see Twinity is now open beta? I sprung for an apt in Alpha city Berlin - I have great view - but really have a hard time navigating the city.
I'm a Dos and log on at odd times trying to find people to heal - this is as far as I go, and honestly I very rarely reach my heal limit. Handy for healing myself, though.

I haven't been to Twinity for some time. Of the new crop of worlds I like Just Leap In quite a bit, although I go there rarely.
/me runs over and checks the Respectables - zomg that's impressive - I'm not respectable at all ===:O

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