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30 October 2008

There's been a lot of turmoil due to the announcement about Open Space sims, but I'm not sure what else LL could've done (aside from anticipating the problem, which would've saved everyone a lot of grief). Honestly, disregarding the people who misrepresented the OS sims when renting them out, or those who ran businesses on them, it was probably a lovely but brief period when some were able to have a blank canvas to create their own place on the grid. I can hear the raspberries from here when I say that, though, but the pragmatic part of me can only shrug and say, "Well, if they are not feasible they just have to go - at least you had them for a while."

It's easy for me to say that, though, as I have nothing to do with them. Certainly a lot of people sound angry, depressed, or heart-broken; for god's sake BUCK UP and stop being so resistant to change. Where people become unreasonable is when they are shifting large sums of money, though. With my antique Premium membership and a whole $5.00 in additional tier I'm never going to be worth much to LL, but I will preserve my sanity. I have to admit I'm out of patience with the bazillion hard luck OS stories on the forum: ZOMGSTFU >:[ As if there were just ONE way to be happy, or that, had OS sims never happened restless souls would've wandered the earth for all eternity seeking fulfillment in vain.

There's a funny relationship between LL and us that encompasses extreme fanboi/grrls, mild contempt (i.e. "marginal" R Us, suffering in our bad weather and faulty regimes), a distinct lack of trust on the part of customers for the company providing the service, a batten-down-the-hatches attitude on the part of the vastly outnumbered company people, customers believing the worst and in some cases inventing scenarios that would be absolutely diabolical if true, the company operating in, as it were, a full complement of dimensions while the customer is left outside the looking glass, and so on. Since this is new ground everything is subject to misapprehension and even beyond that has to be continually reworked and recreated on the fly in the most difficult of ways (with a pitchfork-and-torch wielding mob outside the door for them regardless of what they do, and an unresponsive customer service, distinct lack of communication, + world class lousiness of timing* as the offerings presented to the customers).

One would think that for any customer with enough OS sims to fill out one full server (or more) they should just be able to keep their own company, as it were. Like the sailing sims, for instance, which are something like 180 sims. Although that may not be feasible it certainly SEEMS like it should be ;-D That wouldn't address bandwidth, so maybe it wouldn't help.

A sim that can be terraformed and nothing else? That would be useful for sailing as long as scripts in boats could run. Would need to be very cheap.

I can see a fixed resource sim being sold, too, where the sims arrives with trees and prims and scripts, and to add anything the owner must first delete something. Again, might very well not be possible (not knowing anything means I can propose anything).

In truth I love Second Life, and I know many, many others do, too. I don't think a company focused just on making money would even attempt to deal with the things LL has chosen to deal with. We have created an amazing culture, but all the ways people have used things in unexpected ways (i.e. hoochie hair** and temp rezzing McMansions and 1024x1024 textures***) have made immense technical problems, I'd imagine. And we rarely - maybe this is the only time - have been told to rein our profligacy in.

Added: THIS is the first thread I saw regarding Open Space sims, written back in August.

*6.6.06 being the day the account floodgates opened, and 11 September 06 the day the forums were gelded, for two.
** LOD was a response to that type of thing, I think, as someone in 500 tortured tori could walk by and make everyone's FPS drop to a fraction. Things did look better, before, though, I think, like round things and things that now pop in and out of their highest LOD. I have everything on the highest settings - maybe it's less noticeable on middle settings. I vaguely remember a wedding dress that could crash a sim (different problem, but fulfills the wry adage, "Nothing exceeds like excess.").
*** Occlusion culling was a great advance as before that everything within draw distance was downloaded, even if one couldn't see it.
I suppose that was a reining in, as it was 2048x2048 originally, which was so superhuge (except, maybe, for texture maps) that it was ridiculous.


posted by - 1:00 AM

LOL, you tell 'em, Boss Os!

Like the VAT thing (and pretty much all the big scandle issues since I joined - copybot, kids, age-check, etc, etc, etc) this just passes me by as a great big "Huh?"

I think your most telling comment is that a company purely looking at profit wouldn't have created SL. The Grid, yes. But not SL.

Having said that, nothing lasts forever and god alone knows what might happen to our world in the next few years. Still, best to enjoy it now rather than worry about what might - or might not - happen in the future.

Phew - what a long comment. What was I on about? VAT? Who brought up VAT? Grrrr /me shakes fist at The Man.

p.s. Vampires - that's who we should protest about. Grrrr /me shakes crucifix at the work-shy virgin-bothering fop wannabes.

p.p.s. And Gangstas. Grrrr /me shakes uzi at the cartoon bad guys in baggy pants and silly hats.

p.p.p.s. And the SL Police. Grrrr /me shakes pepper spray at the silly pretend cops and their endless procedure manules and new ranks and in-fighting splits.

I think I'm done. My spleen is vented. I shall mop up and move on.
I'm not sure people consider how rare it is for an environment like this to come about. Every other company I know of tightly controls everything the better to manage their own affairs by taking out all possibility of surprise.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "The Grid, yes."

While not exactly a dime a dozen, platforms are out there, and exhibit the same differences as the virtual worlds which are built upon them; most are tightly controlled which is, likely, what corporate and government clients want.

Human beings are messy and unpredictable; the sooner we can be synchronised into televisable displays a la Beijing, or made into Soylent Green the better, I'd guess they'd think.
The Grid - I mean the thing they are doing now with Rivers Run Red. SL can never really be sold - it's not really a product. But The Grid can be - and that's what they are doing - selling the ability to hold meetings, etc.

SL is merely the wway that the product they now have evolved.

But I could be wrong, and often am.
I don't consider SL a waypoint in the development of a platform, really, as it would be like creating a space program and flying to the moon in order to go into your kitchen. It may not be a product but it's a profitable enterprise of great complexity, and I think much of that complexity which needed to be taken into consideration and accomodated would've been lost effort for a corporate platform as it isn't needed.
Compared to SL the vw There is much more stripped down and controlled, and their platform has been used with success since about, oh, 2004, when they began working with the US military.
Finally a well-balanced view/post of the issue. TY Osprey. I am so sick and tired of the mass-panic sweeping thru SL as soon as some changes been done.

I am not a big fan how LL normally inform residents when they are about to implement changes. But this time they did in good time and the underlying reason was right (ppl have misused something)

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