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26 November 2008

Not News, But New to Me

"The next time you enter into a fistfight with someone, you might want to check out the length of their index finger and ring finger ahead of time.
According to research conducted by psychology professor Peter Hurd and graduate student Allie Bailey of the University of Alberta, people who have a shorter index finger than ring finger are considered to have a more “masculine” finger ratio and are more prone to be physically aggressive.
However, this indication of physical aggression is only applicable to men and not women, as these two fingers are usually of equal length in women.
According to Hurd, who specializes in sexual and aggressive natures, the correlation between digit ratio and aggression is not as outrageous as one might think.
“The association between aggression and (finger) ratio is thought to reflect the amount of testosterone an individual was exposed to in the womb. Many other animal studies have shown that there’s an association between testosterone exposure early on during development and aggressiveness in adults,” said Hurd.
This discovery is also supported by data from previous research done by John Manning of the University of Central Lancashire in England. Manning was the first to provide compelling evidence linking early testosterone exposure and finger-length ratio."
------The Brunswickan (from 2005)

/me examines her fingers.

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*discovers with a shock and a shiver that she is not a woman at all, but a man with breasts*
Did some one say breasts?

/me checks own breasts and discovers he is a finger mad serial killer.
my mother's second toe on one foot was longer than the big toe, which made it difficult to fit into shoes (too large for one would be just right for the other), so she HAD PART OF THAT LONGER TOE CUT OFF!

=============8O she was scary ...
I had a mrs landlord once who had a broken tailbone that didn't heal, so she was in contant pain. She had it surgically removed and asked for it to be given to her so she could "wear it as a pendant with sportswear." Sadly having it removed did nothing to stop the pain.
Her father was one of the key architects for the Los Angeles Olympic games in 1932.

Why do things like that stick in my head?

Once she left something in my fridge with a note that read something like, "I made this for my bridge club and thought you might like to try it. If you don't like [list of ingredients I don't like] you won't like this. I threw it out and kept the note.

There was a building on the property they'd built to house a letterpress and bazillions of letters and cuts. /me loves letterpresses.

Her husband Whit had interesting cars stashed all over including a white Imperial convertible he told me I could drive if I liked. Alas it smelled mildewed, so I didn't. The "I" on the side was about six inches high.

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