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16 November 2008

What Does Your SL Look Like?

I am frequently startled when I see SL screenshots people have taken with the UI intact as there can be a lot of variation. Mine is usually like this:

I always run in a window.

1. My name isn't shown.
2. No title is above me.
3. No chat bubbles.
4. I keep the mini map on the lefthand side, but I don't always have it up.
5. I never use the camera or movement widgets ever.
6. I don't really like HUDs unless they are for a specific and short-term thing, as I forget they are there and film sometimes, so my screen is bare. I don't see the need for most scripted HUDs, but I used to wear radar alone - don't anymore, though.
7. I change the text colors a lot of the time.
8. My selection beam was black for years, but I'm not sure what it is atm as it's off (for me). Prolly white.
9. I have "Show hovertips on everything" unless I'm filming with the UI up. I truly feel blind without it.
10. I like the old school interface as I just don't see it. Anything else gets in the way.

Thought of one more:
I keep the bandwidth/packetloss indicators up (instead of Search). I have SL Search as my Firefox search engine, though, so I haven't dumped it - I just put it where I use it.

I've done goofy things in the past like when resizing the UI came in I made it wee and tiny, then immediately lost about five Combats Cards fights in a row as I couldn't read the text - heh.

I have the UI suppressed so often that once in a while I don't notice and either have it on when I need it off, or off when I need it on.

I've seen screenshots where I hardly recognised the program. The UI is there for us to personalise. What does your SL look like?

posted by - 10:30 AM

I show my name so I can find myself, plus I show my title so I know what group tag I have on Mini map upper right, not rotating. Otherwise, the same as yours but I never suppress the UI. When I minimize SL it is because I have two avatars inworld at the same time, and they both have to talk.
I don't know why I keep my mini map on the left; just always have. Maybe that habit originated when the stats bar was unmoveable.
Let’s see…
1. Name: Shown – I get lost otherwise. In fact the only time I turn any or all names of off is during TSMGO shows.

2. Group tags: I used to have the group title, but since doing the shows I don’t – no reason, just easier to have it turned off so I don’t forget. I rarely look at what groups people are in based on their titles as more often than not the groups are badly explained and not open.

3. Chat bubbles: On all the time – I can’t operate without them now and miss chunks of the conversation if they are off.

4. Mini map: Always on, at the top right and rotating. I only really turn it off for shows. I’m not sure how I use it really – just for green dots I think.

5. Camera/Movement Controls: Camera ones are usually on so I can line up a picture better, but I never have movement ones on.

6. HUDs: I used to wear a few, and back in the griefing days of Murray (not me griefing, but rather being griefed) I’d have 3-4 defensive systems running. These days I only ever have my Mysti (although I use it for very little now – mainly radar really) and my face emoter on – both of these are low profile and never get in the way.

7. Text colours: Nope, just default.

8. Selection Beam: I have changed this in the past, but it makes no difference so it may or may not be default, I couldn’t say. Blue? It may be blue. Is it blue?

9. Hovertips: I didn’t even know these existed until you and Enjah showed me a few months back. Now it’s on all the time :-D

10. UI: I’m fairly flexible – I sort of like it as it is, but I’ll use any really. Actually, I can’t stand too many windows open – even the chat/IM box really annoys me. I’d rather have some dead space at the left hand side where they all went rather than have them pop up on screen – and tabs in the dead space to flick between them (chat, build, stats, camera, etc.). I HATE HATE HATE them on my screen.

11. Search area: Just use it for search really, but even then rarely – I use the BUY L$ bit quite a lot. I’d like an AtoZ & HotKey button on the HELP menu though – then if I was searching for “Select only mine” I could look in the AtoZ under S and know which menu option it was under.

12. UI Size: I think mine is at .95. I’ve tried using full screen but it’s hard to switch between programs then so it runs in a window. I only go full screen and UI-less for filming.

What else…
13. In Preferences, I have Bandwidth and Cache down to 300 but I don’t know why. I seem to remember reading on Prok’s blog that this made it less laggy but I’m not sure.

14. I can’t stand having web link open up in the browser (see 10) so they open up my normal browser (Firefox – not IE – yuk!)

15. I only recently learnt I could save IM chats until the next time I IMed that person – this makes conversations much easier :)

16. I always have camera constraints disabled as I often lose things underground when trying to build. I’m not a natural as I think we all know.

17. I hate the way that setting AWAY lasts precisely .3325 of a second.

18. Going ‘Busy’ should give you a list of what items were binned. Or at least the names of the people that tried to give you stuff.

18. I LOVE the way that the avatar doesn’t get hung up on the smallest snag underfoot.

19. I’d like a better ‘looking at chatters’ function so we just don’t all stand around looking into space or at the wrong person when we are talking in a group.

I think that’s it… sorry it went into a wish list at the end :)

p.s. This is a good example of my sscreen when I'm exploring and taking pics and examining items...
although the later is a painful picture...
to look at speaker: control-\
All hover tips all the time! The more information I can get the better.

Also: my name and tag (in case I don't look like myself), mini-map fixed and lower right with my registrator tron hidden underneath and I like to keep the IM window in the upper left but it doesn't shrink as small as it used to so I will probably change my mind about that. Nothing else though, or I can't see the world.
Boo. I want to play.
Ida check post here:

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