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11 February 2009

The Show Must Go On
I've decided to step down from my director's position due to one thing and another, but the show itself is going to continue with cooperative direction.

In 2006 I heard about a play challenge put on by Millions of Us. Entrants were to put on a 5 minute play in the brand-new New Globe Theatre, and out of all the challengers one would win X lindens. I persuaded Enjah to write a five minute play - I'd made an old quirky painting of mine into an Eileen McTeague poster, and Eileen Enjah had written a scene and performed live at the Photography Studio, so she expanded that one-woman snippet into a noir thriller with four characters. I was searching for actors, and originally started with Enj, Vlad Bjornson, and Selador Cellardoor. Vlad was unable to proceed and neither was Selador, but he recommended Lucifer Baphomet. As a ten foot tall red devil was OOC, Vlad was the model for the character, and Lucifer became "Sven" by looking at Vlad. We decided to change two characters into one (the couple whose houseguest is murdered became instead a single woman). One day Ida Keen turned up at the Photography Studio. I think I was fairly quick: "Hi, nice to meet you - I need you to be an actress in a play - ok?" - and was cast as the friend. She came up with the twist at the end of the play.

I built the sets to fit on the New Globe stage, but we rehearsed mostly in Bodega, where the sets hung in the air over some land I was renting from Salazar. This was before hardware lighting, sculpties, and so forth, so it really was the Olden Days. After doing our best to solve some knotty problems we competed to a packed house and won! Well, there were no other entries, and Reuben said that it had been too hard for anyone else and gave us double the prize money but asked us to perform again immediately. So we did, and I think a third time in a row, too, when the sim was opened to everyone, and the lag was through the roof. It was fun and the best part was that it was a completeable task. Before I go further let me state this: Performing in Second Life is really, really hard, and my performers are the bravest of souls.

I decided the only format that would work in SL was a kind of music hall or vaudeville-style with self-contained acts. That way a show could be assembled from whoever could be there at the time/date needed. Luc didn't join us but Vlad and Salazar did! Enjah, Ida, Vlad, and Salazar formed the hardworking and inspired core of the troupe. I went around trying to whip people into a frenzy and held an event every week at Salazar's Cowell Village Amphitheatre. We were considering options for sound when Candide Lemay stepped in and made me an audio box and streamed the mp3s from his server. I applied for, and received, a small grant from the Foundation for Rich Content.

The first act I wanted was a unicycling knitters drill team, and because Ida was the SL knit maven that came to pass. I learned how to build a unicycle that worked with Ida's knitting needles, Enj build a track and made exceptional costumes. Lucy joined the drill team and the show and became another core show member. I really cherish the time I've spent working with the many people who put time and effort into the shows, and who I would never've met at all had it not been for their interest in performing, including Caitlin, Maxie, Salamander, Cat, Monty, and others.

Then a lot of things went on and people came and went, and so on and so forth, and now I'm putting away my tyrant's whip. I'll make posters and things for the show and things will be different but just as good or better, I'm sure. I enjoyed performing a lot, and enjoyed very, very much inventing acts and seeing them come alive.

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press "F" to fly high
sticks and flags add to the mood
it never gets old
It really never does!
What can I say? I loved watching in 07. I loved performing in 08. I was looking forward to 09.

It's such a shame that you stepping down like this. But I'm an old sentimental sod, so don't listen to me. Everything will be fine, I'm sure.

Thanks so much for, gawd, too much to list xxx
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You are our Guiding Light, our Resident Genius ... I laughed out loud to read your recounting of our playlet, From The Shadows! Ah those memories of Nights Over Bodega (or was it Bolinas?).

We are looking forward to working with you in whatever capacity you choose (read, "we REALLY need your help!").

*/me shudders ... I deleted the first post because I had used the wrong username*
Lucy gets all teary-eyed...Os you gave me my big break! I owe it all to you! Whatever it is...!!! You knew i was born to ride unicycle and knit, the minute i first IM'd you!
Dear Osprey,
I still remember the evening you first declared your mad intention to bring vaux de ville to Second Life. We were standing upon my little toy stage behind my villa in Orion (do you remember it?), and I blathered about performing Alceste or Bradamante, then you imagined a magical performance as paper cutouts.
Doctor Fluxus was born in that moment, but he was all ambition and vanity, then took on a life of his own, and I came into being as his amanuensis. It seems such a long time ago, how the sun careens through the sky in our Second Life!
And what I mean to say, The Show Must Go On was Life to me, as performer or not. Beauties on hippos and furries scurrying in fear, shining men playing with fire and the thrill of staying on course and on balance! Though I am not frequent in this place, it is still Life to me, distilled and manic, with grace and humour, and a daring to invite strangers in to watch. I thank you for that, and should weep bitter tears to lose it.
A true creator gives life; TSMGO is a strapping young thing now, tottering about on its own legs, ready to get into its own mischief, I'll hazard. You should be proud.

I just heard about this last night!

I really really really hope everything is well!
TSMGO is such an amazing creation & undertaking in such an unlikely virtual place. We have enjoyed the show to NO ends on the Raglan Shire sims, your creativity, dedication, humor and good taste. It is something to behold and all who have seen the shows over the last few years all agree that the spectacle, presentation and enjoyment factor is easily comparable as if actually being in a living breathing theater!

While I have no doubt the Show WILL go on as there are so many talented folks in the ranks, It still saddens me to see you as the creator stepping down.

*I will secretly file this in my bunneh head as a break to recharge with a return to the Troupe in the near future!

Thank you for bringing the joy to the grid and to us on the Shire.!

We luv yoo and TSMGO :)

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