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24 March 2009

The more I think about it the more I realise I have no real idea what manner of enterprises comprise the ~10% of triple ecks businesses destined for Pornistan, and I might actually, should I find out, be glad they are moving to their own continent. So - I was a bit unhappy at first, then decided to wait and see, and still feel that way with a bit more positive flow.

And of course I had hopes that the TG would merge with the MG for purely selfish reasons. I was hoping the TG, if abandoned, would be perfect for my Geezer Grid, however after years of patience I realise the TG will stay the TG. No GG :-( RATS!

In my plan sims would be named Marchbank, Deptford, Malice, Salterton, Table Talk, High Spirits, Leaven, Manticore, Breakfast, Papers, Brindled, Robertson, and Davies. There could be leveling in Geezerkraft - for instance telling someone off for being uncivilised might get you 1.7 million Geezerkraft points. The unlikelihood of there being anyone to tell off merits the high value, I believe.

Contrary to what the forum wags think, it isn't a grid for grannies; the Geezer Grid is intended for old avatars who don't make trouble, aren't especially interested in business, and who are tired of competitive striving. There would be no currency - instead there would be a small, monthly, all-inclusive fee. GK points, if we decide they would be fun, would begin at zero each day, then rise rapidly with everything accomplished. Upload a texture? That's 450,000 GK points! Delete a texture? That's 455,000 GK!

As you may've noticed GK points serve no purpose whatsoever - the only way they will not be gamed. For three days people will compete to get the highest GK score before realising that A) no one else can see their score, and B) there are better things to do with their time. Due to the lack of interest an announcement would therefore be made cancelling the GK points program. A huge uproar would follow, with protesters marching with picket signs all over Marchbank. GK points would be reinstated, but shortly thereafter a protest against GK would end in the program becoming an optional setting found deep in the glorious and unsullied hinterlands of the debug menu. Everyone would turn it off, but it would be on by default and would become a kind of rite of passage like the former boxhead and "I can't edit anything becoz it's all greyed out" phenomena. That is, if it's decided there will be a Geezerkraft point program. Which it won't, as there won't be any Geezer Grid. *shakes fist*

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Can I come and live in Geezer Grid? I am only two in SL years, but I am a cat, like to putter and goof off, and I can yell at teh kids to get off my prim lawn with ease. Also I am forming a plan to sell my Geezer points to new geezers for $1L apiece.

Also could we have a field trip to Pornistan? I would really like a t-shirt.
I was remarking JUST TODAY in Raglan group chat that I've never met a bad Tiny. I hereby decree that all Tinies may henceforth become residents of the Geezer Grid be they however many moons short of the conventional perception of geezerhood.

A field trip to Pornistan is a wondrous idea. Perhaps we could use Racer's Flying Bleachers.
A field trip? Wear on of Sal's protective suit... 0_o
me too me too! dangle deptford and manticore in front of me and i will follow u anywhere
Ha! I once had lunch with Robertson Davies at Massey College, at the invitation of the young John Fraser, later Globe & Mail correspondent in China, and even later, Master of Massey College himself. As I taught French at the prep school of Upper Canada College way back then, Davies told us stories of the boy's school when he was a student there. He was writing the Rebel Angels, or perhaps What's Bred in the Bone, and was full of anecdotes & delightful laughter, and would have enjoyed the ridiculousness of Second Life, I think, though I don't think it would have held his attention for long.
He was most excellent. Even just thinking about Samuel Marchbank makes me snort-laugh.
I had to google everything in those last two comments... wow is all I can say. Another person I now have to read :-D

Young - you are fiendishly well connected!
And in my googling...

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