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03 March 2009

Mossant: Osprey, I snagged a jpg of your nova albion poster from the web and put it up on the cafe. I credited you as the creator of the poster, so I hope it's okay if I use it? It's fabulous.
Osprey Therian: Anything you like
Osprey Therian: ty
Mossant: Thank you. I didn't want to use it without your permission.
Osprey Therian: I try to be open and free
Osprey Therian: ty for crediting me
Osprey Therian: lol
Mossant: *LOL*

Ha ha - I've been like that for years and I'm not saying it's good - it might be considered quite bad, in fact. It's something for me to think about, anyway. I deliberately didn't even have a name for my business when I did it.* The sign doesn't even use WORDS (yet it was very successful until I stopped bothering).

On the whole I'm more than a bit like the fishmonger in a Somerville and Ross book who grumbled that people were always bothering him for fish.** I only wound up building Ask Patty, the Car Garden, and the Motorability sim because I said I'd recommend someone - then was swept into it. Of course way back then I had a ton more energy than I do now, and if you plotted all my builds on a graph I'm sure it would just look like \ . These days I'm more likely to get part way then delete everything out of exhaustion. I also have a lot of strange builds in my inventory that will never be rezzed anywhere, and spend tons of time solving little problems like moth lanterns that won't be mean to the sim, and how to make a merry go round explode.

Two things I can always do thus far no matter how things are debased are editing video and doing my dunce baby scripting where I usually start with something that has only a tagential bearing on what I want to do then tear it to ribbons and rebuild it hundreds of times until it does what I want it to do but still probably says Joe Avatar's Script on it heh. I should stop doing that as Joe Avatar doesn't want to get the blame for my kludgey blunders. The other day I was putting things in other things inside other things inside other things like nesting dolls, each to rez the smaller (for a reason), and accidentally made a wee boo-boo the results of which looked extremely kewl, actually, although the sim didn't think so as it twisted in the solar wind like... hmmm... the Aurora Borealis.*** Or something.

Actually that reminds me of the time (circa 2005) I was in... oh, Goguen, I think, way up in the sky, making builds for a book and wanted prims to fall artlessly into a receptacle. I raised them, turned them physical, and immediately had an IM from some Linden or other advising me to be very careful with physical objects. /me abruptly turns and looks over her shoulder. It wouldn't happen these days of course, but if I'd been sent a warning IM for the kewl nesting thing incident I'd've deserved it :-D

* I stopped due to several things including burnout, seeing my copied textures/builds and just thinking it would be best not to invest tons of time in the indefensible, and more which I shall not list.
** I remember talking to Candide and saying I wasn't motivated by money. That was wrong, actually, as I AM motivated by it, just in the opposite direction.
*** Had a great view of the Northern Lights ages ago when driving between the sea and Olympia one night. It does really make you stop and gasp in awe. That's the only time I can remember seeing it although I had seen it before.


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