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19 April 2009

Hah. Games of the Past and Present

I asked Doc if he thought there were any other trading card games in SL, and he brought up the game that was a winner in the SL Arcadia Games Expo in 2006. I looked it up in the old forum archives (which made me laugh a lot - it could be rough but it was also very funny). I remembered the build but I'd never played - I'd forgotten one of the devs was Grim Hathor, who was a friend (from SimCast) at that time (and who totally unbidden wrote me a second script for the kiosk for the - oh, yes, hah - fun trading cards I was making in early 2005 with Enj. I had asked Jeffrey Gomez* to write the first one, which he did immediately while I waited, he's that nice). I did get a free minion and remember rezzing it next to Bodega Bay one day, but the build had given me the creeps for some unknown reason. Called The Collective, that game appears to be long gone, and I couldn't find the minion in my 17 mile long inventory** (doesn't mean it's not there).

I teleported to Navora to check on DarkLife, which is still there. I stopped playing when it was reformatted, for no particular reason, although I did like the old build a lot as it had a nice sense of place. I am fond of Tedd Tigereye who had built a lot of the original town. He was one of the first people I really spent time talking with. Pirate's Game Ring is still there, giving out Combat Cards info that could use some updating (at least it has Europa landmarked although Spangle comes first). I still talk to Pirate once in a great while.**

I dragged out my Sim Combat katana, which is huuuugggeee - bigger than me. Funnily all the scripts are full perm. /me goes off on a tangent: When I first plonked myself down in SL I used to roam all over looking at every texture that was interesting or had a problem or solved one in the Edit pane, which you can't do now, sadly. It was a great way to learn. And I ripped everything apart and looked at all the scripts and prims and whatnot. It's too bad that had to change; although there are masses of (too many) free things**** it's not the same.

Another game that, I think, is still going strong is Settlers of Second Life, which was made by Lex Neva and my old buddy from There, Sprite Quartermass (who popped up one day in DarkLife as a mysterious stranger and showed me something I recognised, prompting me to yell, "Society!!"). Things were small back then, although SL felt big to me.

* I met Jeff in 2004 because, in that distant time prior to p2p tTPs he had some kind of teleporting scheme involving microplots, one of which was in Bodega Bay. It had a plywood cube on it and I IMed him and asked him to for God's sake make it look better. He thundered over (and was a blue dragon I think at that time), and was exceedingly nice, gave me all kinds of whacky things he was devising, and removed the cube.
** My inventory is like a core sample of the earth, now, with thick and thin layers for busy or idle times.
*** Me: Still in EVE? PC: Not as much. Me: You must've got married. PC: Haha! Almost!

****Maybe things should have a date at which time they will poof; it seems like it would be unwelcome yet we are going to drown in freebies at some point.

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