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22 April 2009

Most peculiar, mama.

Adventures at 0,0 (I presume)
Twice - on Saturday at Spaceport when I right-clicked to fight on an arena for a tournament match, and at the Eleanor on Monday when I right-clicked to climb on a ladder I was building, I was sent to No Man's Land for a period of time. At Spaceport everything went black with a strip of edge-land and me sitting primly on nothing, and I just waited - then I heard Kat say "Good luck, Os," and knew she could see me, so I waited longer and finally snapped to the correct place (time elapsed approximately 5 seconds i.e. a LONG time).
At the Eleanor I briefly went underwater where there was nothing but land, then snapped to the correct place.
Spaceport is an island; the Eleanor is in Phobos (mainland). The look of the brief and odd sojourn is consistent with that for each.

Rezzer Pooferisation
During rehearsal the Heaven set poofed itself, which, in itself is not a very big deal. After that apparently a number of set rezzers just up and ran off - I've asked Enjah to check at Phobos 0,0 for them. Who knows, perhaps she will find HBA's spotlight there.

Back at the dawn of TSMGO I resolutely avoided great gobs of scripted special effects and things as it's GROSS to be standing on a bare stage waiting for something to show up. I made everyone have their set rezzed and just needing to be slid into place. I said I wouldn't do holodecks until Mono.
Fast forward to the last show of 2008, at Earpoint, where everything broke and went wrong (and we were hardly using any scripted objects at all, but things wouldn't rez, talkers wouldn't work, people crashed, people couldn't change, the curtain didn't work, and I think, every single act was totally busticated for no good reason).
Then at Raglan Shire, first show of 2009, using holodecks set rezzers, those worked ok, but Esmeralda's merry-go-round (which a Scripting Dunce programmed to spin then explode on a touch, and which has worked flawlessly every other time) didn't work, and Phoebus's firehoop (likewise Script Dunce-made to catch Phoebus on fire) didn't catch Phoebus on fire a-tall, and nor did the (SD) phantom boxes that rez a 20-second flame ball before dying. It seems as though script response time was just too slow at that moment, and as well as things like collision-detect not functioning in that climate, other things such as the curtain, which don't normally toggle mid-movement, will indeed toggle mid-movement, so a touch, delayed response, touch again, response to first touch followed by response to second touch puts the curtain right back to where it started.
I went through and took out all particle scripts as they are unnecessary, and squinted at them ("rez something then die" is not exactly a tough and complex script, though).
Our troubles happened in unholy extreme lag with incredible spikes - no wonder, then, you say - but I'm just trying to lower any contributions we make to script time lag. We are really stuck with limiting audiences severely. Everyone recommends the very, very oldest of gathering scenarios: "get 2 sims and keep the audience on one whilst performing on the other," but that shouldn't be necessary. Actually, I was offered a couple of free sims, once, but there is no way in Hell I'd be able to make tier on two islands (TSMGO is free). In the past we could just perform right through the worst lag - at the moment it breaks the show.
We really need (possibly) someone much more sensible than I (I score .0000100146 on the Sensiblonometre.*) to do Practikal Arrangments. Although I managed well for the early years I'm not doing too well now [I'm not the director anymore so maybe Group Thought (without GroupThink) will Overcome All].

* Oh, ok, I only score .0000100144 :-(


posted by - 10:02 AM

Don't breathe a word of this to Enjah, hba or Lucy, but ... when they got together to rehearse without you they were utterly lost!


you protest that you are NOT director ... but let's face it, there is no other.

It's true - there is far more group involvement now (my very first real TSMGO-convo with you after my first or second rehearsal was about you needing a stage manager - I think we've been here long enough to share the load well) but there is still only one boss. That's the way it should be - one leader and her trusted & capable generals.

In terms of lag, I had thought of the 2 sim thing, but realistically where would be find two sims? And how could we lower the script usage in the (vast majority) areas of the sime we would not need?

Is it possible to block the parcel the theatre is in once we have x-number of ppl? Let's face it, in RL theatres would (nicely) turn ppl away once it was full or fire safety standards were reached, etc.
We could:
Change the time
Use tickets (like I made for the Gaiety)- I'd make the kiosk etc. but someone else would have to do the implementation (putting ticketholders on the access list).
And um... other things.
At the mo the crucial prob to solve is How come everything poofed on Tuesday?
I was in Edo Japan sim this evening and with just 24 present but many builds and G'al-knows what, the lag, including time dilation of .3, was ferocious. It was just like being in the middle of a bad laggy show.

Salazar is much missed by me in his capacity as Stage Manager.

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