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06 May 2009

From seasoned Combat Cards fighter Michalius Oppewall comes this link: Way Out Junk.

It is a repository for obscure children's record albums of times long past, as well as peculiar old comedy albums and possibly even more strange and way out junk, all available for download.

I never had any children's records as a child, although we children had a big stack of classical records that we played* over and over and over and over, so I missed that particular experience. My cousin Chris had things like that, though, and when I went to stay with him he'd play music like... oh... all I remember is something about a duck - possibly an ugly duckling song if there was such a thing.

I never had very many toys although that certainly didn't present any kind of problem. I drew all the time and made articulated figures from shirt cardboard, had access to bazillions of books, had tons of horses and bags of dogs and cats, and spent 99% of my time when not at school in the woods miles from home. I had one composition doll from, oh, the 1920s I would reckon, that came from a white elephant sale. I still have her (unless she's been eaten by something).

I was just thinking yesterday about the number of things I have that I seem to've had forever. I always count my rock as my oldest possesion, as I can remember finding it, and what I thought at the time, when we were mushrooming one fine day. However, I have my old doll, and also an interesting oak folding table that I (my parents would let us pick out things to have) found at a white elephant or rummage sale, and which I painted five or so years later with a paint called "Firefly Yellow."** And an ebony elephant that's really my sister's. And I keep my slides in my brother's old tuck box. Oh, weird old things.

It's difficult to winnow my possessions now, as I'm down to Things I Have Made (such as paintings), Things Given to Me (such as a birch veneer plywood and walnut flatfile made for me by a love interest***), Things I Inherited (such as a Georgian reading table), and oddball things like paintings from thrift shops, and so on. I'd do it, though, if I could handle the job.

* And danced both ballet and minuet to.
** It was painted cream or white originally; I want to have it stripped because otherwise it won't be seen as an interesting old table and who knows what its future may be once it leaves my care.
*** stab stab stab

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We listened to Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Broadway show recordings, Danny Kaye doing Hans Christian Andersen, Peter and the Wolf, and some very strange little red children's records; I only recall one at the moment: the story of Gerald MacBoingBoing, a boy who spoke only in radio sound effects. My oldest sister once brought home a record made of a long licorice strip wound around a red candy bead.
I'll bet it was Burl Ives singing "There's a little white duck sittin in the water, a little white duck doin what he oughter...Quack! Quack ! Quack!

Lucy T

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