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26 June 2009

For a few years I've talked about doing a children's book using pictures from SL (actually it started I think with a suggestion to Tiff that it would be a way to illustrate a book she is/was writing, then morphed into a way to do another one, but the idea has always been the same, basically, and is very do-able) but haven't ever actually done anything due to having .01% of normal energy and feeling terrible 100% of the time.

Second Life is well-suited to the building of pretty and magical places, one of which is Drowsy, a sim I found through Koinup, and which Yo, Enj, and I hung out in for a bit today. The creator of that sim could make a nice little book. There are lots of others, although some went away in the open sim smash. I have a hard time remembering all the names - but there have been many fine places that have been fun to explore, going back years.

Exploring was great fun back when I started, and has remained fun although not quite as MUCH fun, since in SL there are no filters and everything happens full-strength, all the time, and is as overloading to me as a large art museum. I think the first truly overwhelming build to me was Backstage-Nowall and the immense living room. One arrived in a life-sized snowy landscape with a cabin and an iced-over pond with a hole in the ice. Dropping through the hole one could see that the snow scene was, in fact, inside a settee, and the toys on the floor were full size cars. Flying there felt funny because everything was so immense.

With such a huge number of places to see I feel I don't give enough effort to absorbing each one. Sometimes I know of a place for eons before actually going there. I knew Planet Mongo would be wonderful, but didn't visit until quite recently - why, I know not, except that I have limited energy and my first interest is in doing, not viewing. Even though I'd been to Drowsy before, I hadn't explored fully, and when Yo and Enj called me over saw a few things I'd not seen before. I STILL haven't explored it fully - I probably never will. I think my explorations proceed more like someone breaking a corner off a pastry and tasting it, rather than feasting on the entire thing.

You can always tell when I feel horrible-er than usual as I write tons more bloggy blather :(((
Thank god I have my blog as I can't do much else at the moment.

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Your blog is always interesting and full of life, even when you are low in energy. I remember that gigantic room and enjoyed it tremendously (pun =!). I don't DO exploration, as it makes me feel like a tiny stranger in an empty world.
Friends find places and invite me to them. It is the same in RL; friends tell me about the restaurants, movies, plays, and I will then go. Otherwise I am quite content to be home.
Goodness, with the energy you put into your blog, it's a wonder you have a reserve left for anything else, such as eating or bathing! We love every bit of the blog, the purring, felicitous parts and the rumbling discontent, and the unbounded imagination and wonder that you manage to squeeze into every day. You may feel like an expended balloon, but our horizons expand every time you sputter!
I must say I am captivated by exploring the emptiness of the world: it's very calm and liberating, to peer in other people's windows and poke about their back yards. Though there is no place like home, to flog a phrase.
Big fat hug for you mate - take it easy at today's show xx

I used to explore a lot more, but exploring alone is a lonely game. And the world is so fooking huge!

I've still never seen Chakryn Forest, Privateer Station, SLB6, tonnes of stuff. I'd like to, but time is so bloody limited.
Privateer Space is long gone. When I saw that I thought, "Oh, Arcadia Asylum is back," and then she left again.
Os bathes? :-o
Definitely at least once in the summertime.

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