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25 July 2009

Dear Derek

I'm thinking this will be an in-shop type problem, but if you have any things I should try first let me know.


Screen flickered and computer froze in Second Life.
I restarted it.
Screen flickered and computer froze on an ordinary webpage.
I decided to try a System Restore.
The System Restore didn't complete, and when I restarted the computer the display was corrupted.
I ran System Restore to a different restore point and it completed, display still corrupted.
The video card has a yellow ! and a Code 10.
I tried uninstalling/reinstalling drivers but no joy.
The display is just running the default display stuff, so if it were a problem with the video card you'd reason that the display wouldn't be corrupted (just crappy).
The computer is running, but not exactly well.
(I'm assuming it's not just a dead video card - since the display is corrupted without it - is that assumption reasonable to make?)

Are you guys busy this week or can you get it taken care of? Does my description make you think of any particular problem?

I'm just a know-nothing, so this is beyond me, but I like tinkering with things, so am always frustrated by not being able to operate in meatspace. It's a device purely for my amusement, so in some ways I like problems because then I can fool around and try to fix them (sadly limited now to non-meatspace fooling around, however). One might reason this same fooling around also causes a certain amount of problems :-D Even though I don't know anything, I still like reading about components and especially comparisons, which can occupy me quite happily for a long time.

A thousand years ago when I had a box with Win98* I had to poke and prod it every day to get it to function (as I remember it) - Win2k was a relief in its stalwart, chest-out, functioning (although it busticated a number of third-party Photoshop filters). I went from 32bit single processor to dual processor to dual core, and am looking at a 64bit quad core for next time around. Things have improved rapidly.

* I started on Macs (I never owned one but work always just bought me** any number of computers at a time, which were by far the herkiest in the place***), really, but they did just work to their capacity. The memory of Windows machines prior to Win98 has deliberately been thrown down the oubliette of my memory as I don't wish to discuss them.
** They spoiled me (yay).
*** The techie**** became anti-Mac though and made my life a living hell for about 5 years until I waved a white flag.
**** Who went to high school with The Sonics.

posted by - 12:46 PM

Hope it all gets well soon - I've spent the night recovering all my family photos from my old lappy hard drive with an odd combo of boxes and wires I bought today :-D

p.s. You'd love my phone - runs windows mobile and needs tinkerin g every day to make it work :-D
I really hate having data tied to a machine, so I have two 1T external drives and just use those. They aren't backup (except for a few files I keep on both drives) - I just try to keep my harddrive as empty as possible. There's no convenient way to keep things safe, but at least I feel like I can just get any old computer and plug in my data and be good to go.
As soon as Google let's Windows Mobile machines use Google Docs fully, my tied to a machine days are numbered. I already surf, email, blog, flickr and twitter from my phone - I just need to write and share docs and I'm all but done :-D
Until I get a computer that forms an image holographically on a fine mist of water (for artwork) as well as being able to tap directly into my optic nerve (for 3d), and stores data in my bone cells while being, itself, in the form of a T shirt, I'll just have to be content with imagining chopping off my right leg and using all that new prosthetic limb space for something with a lot of processing power.

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