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12 July 2009

Resident Evil
This is about what one would think would happen - but is an interesting experiment nonetheless. We are the creators, in many cases, of our own bad experiences, and LL has to deal with the fallout from Resident Evil as well as any SL bugs and glitches.

DancesWithRobots Soyer posted this on the forum:
"This morning, I got curious about how much stress I was putting on the grid, took off all my scripted objects and prim clothing, and set my graphics settings down to the lowest levels.

Where I WAS floating right across I sim, suddenly I was moving back and forth without a hiccup.

So, I tried driving a car I built. The border crossings, while not exactly smooth as silk, were typically quick and fairly well controlled. I did experience one issue where I froze in place next to a club and had to lower my bandwidth in order to move on, and I DID finally go offworld, but I spent a long time driving around.

So, I bumped up my graphics to reccomemnded levels, got properly dressed, (ARC of about 250 or so if you must know.) and tried again.

The hiccups were a little more severe with more frequent and longer trips to the twilight zone. But things were still working well.

Then I started putting on my huds one by one and one at a time. And as you would expect, things got incrementally worse. By now, I was beginning to notice that I'd have the same sorts of issues in the same places.

Then, hudless again. I invited a friend to drive with me. She didn't have much in the way of attachments--a mystitool and ao. But she had on scripted blingy shoes that once removed, dropped her ARC from 1900 to 500.

We had a nice drive with a few bumps, but generally recovered without much trouble.

Then, I asked her to put on her blingy scripted shoes again and we crashed at the next sim border.

No I'm not blaming the shoes. Or the huds or anything other than my own practices. I'm not about to give up all my custom viewer settings, or my huds and gadgets. But I WILL be giving a lot of thought to what I really need."


posted by - 4:08 PM

I have very little problems these days - I ditched the AO about 20 months ago and the mysti about 4. The only thing I have on now is a face emoter as I like to see some emotion as I interact with folks, but that gets binned as soon as things get gluey and bumpy.

I don't know if it's possible, but if LL could have the option for ppl with powerful comps to take over some aspects of the world that would leave some slack for other - everyone would win :)
"We are the creators, in many cases, of our own bad experiences" oooo Os, what you said.
Oooo what he said in the forum ... how about if we all look at the gadgets and fancy crap we have IRL and decide what we really need in general?
*looks around with a guilty glance at her technological playpen*

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