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16 August 2009

Wonder why No One Listens to Me
Last year I had some ideas about the NUE (new user experience) that came about because of a forum thread. I revisited the thread today, and discovered I had had a number of interesting ideas.

Pneumatic Tubes
There could be room with many doors (or a sign up questionaire or a set of pneumatic tubes):

"I've always wanted to be a (pick one) A. Hobo, B. Neko, C. Robot, D. Muscle-bound pinhead, E. Top-heavy trollop, F. Company employee, G. Vampire, H. Business owner, I. Artist, J. DJ, K. Teacher, L. Explorer." (or whatever)

The person chooses one and is whisked away to a relevent area, or conversely, enters the chamber like the man in The Fly, and is transformed into whatever has been chosen.

I do like the idea of getting into a kind of pneumatic tube affair and zooming off to the destination of your dreams.

Noob Trees
Maybe noobs should start out very small - smaller than Tinies - and grow bigger every day.
Like noobseeds turning into noobsprouts.

Maybe noobs could first spawn as fruits of a noob tree, and ripen in a few minutes. Then they'd drop to the ground, but still be very small and undefined. Over the course of a day or two they'd gain abilities - at first they'd just roll around and have no inventory. Once they had been inworld for a few hours they'd have an inventory and be bigger - they'd be able to move faster but still wouldn't be able to affect grown residents much.

Grown residents would gain by helping nooblets, as measured by the nooblets choosing to give them rating points (one per nooblet). Each rating point would count towards a rl trinket, like, say, an SL keychain for 5,000 points. Negative ratings would be added together, too, and anyone with a negative noob rating balance would be automatically muted for all noobs. After a certain amount of time inworld the noobs would be "done" and be able to do anything.

Some people should just be pre-muted universally.

Dispersing Noobs
AVATAR CANNON FTW!!11!! Shoot noobs out of a cannon that will send them to random places on the grid. Or have a spaceship they get into that is directed by their answers to a few simple questions, then lands somewhere and unsits them.

posted by - 10:56 AM

I like the cannon!
Apart from the pre--muting, I'm with ya! If we had pre-muting, how would I have met you and Enjah & Young?
I'm sorry. I cannot hear you. I have a banana in my ear.
Seriously, the Blank Bot factory is exactly how I imagined the avatar choice thing, but with a pneumatic tube at the end. The pneumatic tube would woosh you to an appropriate spawn point.
I need to install a cannon at the Nova Albion Infohub.
Osprey, did you say something? I should really listen sometimes.
I love the noob tree idea... might be fun to hang around the noob grove and watch the little noobfruits drop off and roll around... :D

Also this:
D. Muscle-bound pinhead
That's an awesomely funny phrase. This is why I love hanging out with you guys. :D

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