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20 November 2009

I'm removing all my things from XStreet because of the new policy, which has a few elements to it. I don't oppose the attempt to get rid of "stale" merchandise. Most of mine is stale, and it isn't wrong of XST to give me the boot. I removed everything from the box and updated, vainly hoping that would remove everything, but alas, I have to go through one by one :( My hand hurts a lot, now, and I'm not done. There should be batch operations for simple things like that.

The freebies charge is not my fave. Possibly a new section containing freebie listings could've been made, but from what's been said LL just wanted to stop supporting them entirely.

And... oh, well, I'm not interested enough to continue. I didn't pay much attention to it, but I see now I made more on XST than I thought this past year. Almost everything I had on there was inactive because I just remembered the long-ago awfulness all too well to want to be part of it, so YIPPEE! now I'm not :-D

And in Addition...
A lot of the freebies were more a way to pass information easily- as in the SALT Hud. XST functioned as a minor communication path in a world where finding/sharing is not always easy. That part of the excision of freebies is not good. Also, I just remembered the supposed landmarks-going-away thing, which would make things tougher were it to come about.

My main bugaboo with XST has always been that every minute change to something means it needs a separate listing. Looking for, say, a pair of shoes, you would be faced with five pages of style X listings in every shade, eight pages of listings for style Y in every shade, etc. If the intent were to unclog the shopping experience they should've started there.

Update: I keep thinking about that poor third-world entrepreneur making a living through micropayments and wondering what's happening to him.

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LL fucked up big here - if a no mark lazy bastard like me is pissed off enough to not use XStreet again, they really have pissed people off.

I buy 75% of all my stuff via XS - I certainly always use it for finding stuff (and yup, the serach sucks balls, but it's still better than the in-world shitfest search).

1) Removing the freebies is greedy! Charging them 99L$ is just nasty. Greed and nasty... not a good USP, LL.

2) Removing stale stock is crap! I like stale stock! OK, if the seller no longer exists then hoof it off, but just because it's old? No! There are gems buried there!

Grrr, this has pushed my buttons like nothing else in my 3 years in-world.
I can understand the "stale" thing, but only as it relates to me; I like stale other-people's things, too ;-D I never could like XSTSL so I don't care a lot, in a way. The two things that get me are the premium offer of "guaranteed delivery" - which is a WTF lol? moment, and the fact that, especially with the forums due to explode, places for the community to share (scripts, and so forth) without asking for money are - well, sadly limited.

All in all it isn't so much this one thing as another in a long, long, long string of community-busters that make people understand all too clearly how much they count.

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