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03 November 2009

Stepping Off the Cliff
I well remember the day I was at home in my pavilion in Bodega when an invitation came to me for a new group, sent by someone I didn't know. I declined. Bettina Tizzy IMed back and convinced me to join, and I'm glad she did as NPIRL is an inspired creation formed by a clear-sighted and unusual woman, and I wouldn't've liked to've missed it.

Now Bett has decided to shutter the NPIRL blog, which decision has made many wail. Although I see their point of view, I think this has to do with moving ahead of the curve, and staying in one spot is counter-productive. Stepping off into the void is more interesting at this moment than some others since we are on the verge of huge technological changes that have the potential to be real game changers. An "old media" format like a blog might be useful, but it might be too soon to tell and time for thought is necessary, I'm sure. Anyway, an already-established format with a readership bearing preconceived expectations, that has reached a fine peak in quality and influence, would need at least a shaking-up before it could expand to the next level.

Bettina, unusual and fearless in her clairvoyance and consequent actions, is both widening her sphere of influence and speeding up the rate of interaction, I think. The spirit of adventure that caused her to create NPIRL is transforming it; we should look ahead to joining in new wonders, not lament what has already been, as time passes quickly in cyberspace and things that try to stay the same end up becoming irrelevant.

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Gotta roll with the changes I say - as long as she's not stopping doing that magic she does, I'm happy :-D
The imagination/art world in SL has gone into a bit of slump (that pesky RL) and the magic hasn't stopped, just become limited to a few amazing people. Patron's are really important too, and a lot of them have gone.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what Bettina does next.
Osprey, as I told you earlier, it means a lot to me that you understand my need to survey the scene, removed from the absorbed atmosphere that a blog requires. I'm touched by your words and hopeful that I can live up to it all.

Technology is moving us in so many new directions and at such a high rate of speed that it's like we're living a new era... a new age... every ten years, and communication is like greased lightning.

@HBA Thank you so much for your cheerful encouragement all this time. I'm so happy to know you.

@Kumi I'm not sure that we've hit a slump. I think we're just so immersed - and have been for such an intense period of time - that we're very much in danger of becoming somewhat jaded. I know I am, and that was a warning signal that I needed to step back.

And hey, I look forward to seeing what I do, too. :) And all three of you. Here's to us! Here's to the metaverse that brought us together!

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