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11 January 2010

I don't understand why people relentlessly attempt to eliminate the game/puzzle aspects of life, such as finding your way to a new place using a map, but then buy games.

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My thinking just at this moment is that the puzzle aspects of life have extreme consequences. When you die in a game, you pop right back up! When you die in the Himalayas, it is painful and permanent!
Most people don't have a GPS in their car to drive around in the Himalayas. I'm not talking about survival - I'm talking about little things that people pay not to do, then pay again to have the same kind of puzzle to solve in a game.
how about driving 2 hours and getting lost looking for the imax without gps or map, getting there late and having to sit in front row? you think that's not an extreme consequence???? (i did find an empty seat higher up after a bit, but friends who didn't try may need to have their necks cracked)

but what you said is kind of like folks who try to find a parking place close to the gym where they're going to use the treadmill.

i don't buy games, only play the free ones, so your WHOLE argument is moot
Well, at least I am consistent. I find "spoilers", "walkthroughs" and so on when I am doing a game that is difficult for me. I guess that is the equivalent of using a GPS. I just want to GET TO the goal, gym, Imax, end of quest, etc.

Getting there is not that much fun for me, and I do not want it to be an "adventure". Getting lost is annoying as hell. I know that is not the "correct" view, by the way, and that others see it as cheating, but I don't care (or at least I WISH I didn't care).
But all of life is a kind of big puzzle or quest. Calculating a tip on a meal is just a little puzzle, isn't it? Living life as an artist is just solving a series of problems/puzzles that result in artworks being created. I think this all comes down to human beings wanting to feel like they have control over everything.
I'm with Enjah - fuck the journey, that's just a ballache in between the stages of having to do something and getting it done.

Except sex. And good TV programmes.
Also, when I want beans, I want the pleasure of eating beans not the two hours yomping through foothills to get the beans. I am sure of this because a) I wanted beans and not yomping, and b) I don't like yomping.

On the subject of walk-thrus, I'm using one for the game Braid (a platform game where you control time - it's very good if a little up its own arse) and the designer pleads with you not to use walk-thrus. That angered me. Who is he to say how I play his game - I paid for it! He's effectivly saying there is only one way to enjoy my game - my way! Well he can take a long walk off a short pier - if he wanted me to enjoy it exactly in the same way he did, then he should be sat next to me talking me through it and helping me solve the puzzles he's set. If he can't be bothered to come round and do that for me, but would rather pontificate about how I should enjoy myself, then he's only himself to blame when I stop playing because the damn thing is too hard and very, very frustrating.

See also 'art galleries'.

Should be called "Upbraid."
regarding life's challenges as puzzles or games requires some objectivity and equanimity. not something everyone values.
(types retsmab)
Osprey is the equanimous and objectifious one!
Not really, but it's curious to me as the two things seem identical.
I am not sure anyone can be truly objective, because the observer does truly and deeply affect the outcome, but perhaps the observer can remain calm in any case!
in SL we can remind ourselves to remain calm because *cough* it isn't real. you could actually say the same in RL. that's objectivity.
or you could say it IS real, but the outcome is okay however it turns out. that's equanimity.
(types oodwi)
It's human nature to try to perceive the bigger picture, at least that's what I thought.

It's like raising your draw distance, then raising it further with RenderFarClip, then getting an alt and observing your main as a dot on the landscape.

To me it isn't the elusive and fantastical Objectivity but merely observing things from many angles.

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