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17 January 2010


I was just setting up to film a bit when I was called to Ambat because of griefing. I defused the situation (helps to be uninvolved) and then danced for ages with a formerly outraged Ambatian - it was fun. It had been complete madness when I arrived - people yelling and swearing, shooting, aggressive actions, and some very large body parts used as griefer tools. EVERYBODY was acting nutty so I just yelled at everyone then talked to everyone and danced for ages. The griefer was actually very sweet - although this isn't a good start to a career. As griefers go I liked him, however.

Osprey Therian: I've always wondered what the thrill is.
Osprey Therian: I should interview you!
Young Man: I get an adrienline rush when enraged and they did start it
Young Man: And I consider this training for the real world
Young Man: And I tell everyone I go up against where to find me in real life
Young Man: So this isn't no kiddie shit because this can be real shit anytime they want XD
Osprey Therian: Why ask for trouble?
Young Man: I get a thrill out of it and I get respect when I come out on top
Young Man: And I feel my violence when directed at those who deserve it makes the world a better place
Young Man: You will
Young Man: but I bang the hardest
Young Man: Nice meeting you though
Young Man: I think I saw you fly over here like once
Osprey Therian: You too
Young Man: But you never come in and say hi
Young Man: I figured you where in the area and saw the local chat and where like wtf
Osprey Therian: I'm around - and on an alt as well
Young Man: Oh did you see how X destroyed the local chat with spam?
Young Man: Not going to get more into it
Young Man: I speak the truth, an invidual started it
Young Man: I took him down, his girl came in, I took her down
Young Man: Old man here took a shot
Young Man: Had some newbie try to make a copy of my avatar, but I took my dick out and kept bumping him around and he just said you freak and logged off fast
Young Man: and never came back
Young Man: But you can say I'm the aggressor and if you head all the details my actions would sicker you way more than anything they did but they did start it
Young Man: He is dickriding but play along
Young Man: I'm out in a few
Young Man: Just know when I'm back I'll have an alt.
Young Man: I'm a retired greifer and hassler
Young Man: I mean new account not alt
Young Man: But I come out of retirement when provoked into it
Osprey Therian: oh, you :-D
Young Man: Well we're friend then
Osprey Therian: :-D
Young Man: Come by your place more
Young Man: you should
Young Man: I never knew you where a real real person
Young Man: But I've never talked to you
Young Man: Only second time I've ever seen you
Osprey Therian: gawd
Young Man: I caught a Glimpse of you ages ago
Young Man: You where either away here or flew over fast

Young Man: Distraction is often the best weapon and you used it well

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posted by - 11:24 PM

They are indeed a strange race...
did you feel kinda like yahweh in genesis?


(types gractwas)
Er, no. I did feel like Ronald at a McDonald's franchise, though.

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