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04 January 2010

My Day

My landlord was due here this morning, so I locked the door leading from the hall into the garage so strange men didn't wander around while I was not wanting them there (like, say, if I was dressing). I don't usually lock that door as it's easy to lock myself out (well also because I never lock anything but my landlord really wants me to so sometimes I lock things just before he arrives heh). Anyway, at 8 something a knock on the door heralded a water heater man, and I pointed him to the (outside) door into the garage. Then my landlord enraged me by turning up and when I was not that enthusiastic about seeing him, and was somewhat (extremely) cold and stiff, he, in a passive-aggressive way, asked me if I was all right - like RICHARD NO I HAVE BEEN IN A BROKEN HOUSE FOR WEEKS I AM NOT OK AND WHY IS THAT A SURPRISE TO YOU???*

Then a gutter man parked blocking the drive, so I indicated I'd need egress in forty-five minutes. I was feeling rotten, so I was just a tiny bit unsociable. At ten I bolted to my car and zoomed away to see Frank, who had an operation a couple of weeks ago. Last week at my appointment he was subdued, but he seemed recovered today. "I'm back," he said upon coming back into the room and I said, "Yes - I can see you ARE back, and I'm glad."

I felt like death warmed over but needed some grocerterialsationing - at least a bit, so I did, which was rough going, then flung my frozen peas into Sha and drove slowly home. I was hoping A) they'd be gone and B) the heat would be on. They were gone! Yay! The heat wasn't on... boo :( I had just put my key in the car lock when someone drove up and came in through the outer garage door. It was Art2, who turned out to be a reasonable-seeming man of cheerful and open countenance.

Art2 said he has suggested a new boiler to Richard many times, which I'm sure is the truth. He indicated my landlord is working on a long-range plan. Shorterange - get boiler working - longrange - replace boiler supposedly. Then he said something about the deck that faces the drive, and I said I don't go out there in the winter as it's too slippery. He said, "I don't know why I always forget!" Me: "You mean you didn't wear your crampons?" Him: Bwahahaha! He left and immediately I saw the inner door was locked so I had to essay the slippery drive-side deck to go to the front door.

Then I went online for a bit, and did some Combat Cards-related duties.

Oddly, last night I was online, here in the cold, and I didn't have the spaceheater on because, you know, sometimes I don't want it on, and I suddenly though.... I'm not cold... in fact I'm hot. I think I'm getting used to it, except I don't want to, since there no getting used to being so stiff I can hardly move.

*Candide and Enjah both had the same pithy comment to make regarding my landlord.

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grrrrrrrr how about posting your landlord's phone number Os?
yeah Anonymous, I am curious about how to contact this ... er ... person.
Well, the boiler should've been replaced years ago as it consistently breaks every year, so reliably that they buy parts ahead of time in anticipation. Because the discomfort is a price paid by the tenants, there has been no incentive for the landlord to replace it.

I think it's turning into a key issue, however, as it's not possible to keep tenants and/or attract new tenants when a major part of what one pays rent for is unreliable. We already live with unstable electricity due to the trees (and no, it isn't possible to put the lines underground for various reasons, including earthquakes).

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