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14 February 2010

Oh, well - it's fun reading forums. I was *shocked* mightily last year whent the Goons succeeded in causing the demise of BoB - but I haven't been paying much attention to the EVE forum since then. Now, though, it seems the GoonFleet imploded royally in EVE a couple of weeks ago, but are already bullying the locals in STO, where they are Starfleet Dental, with a big molar logo. Their antics are always sort of amusing unless they happen to be playing fast and loose in one's own neck of the woods.

EVE players are looking down their noses at STO, which does sound buggy and much less hardcore. The EVE forums are nice because of the very blunt speech, which I find interesting to read. In a forum for "new citizens" someone asked about things to do for someone who isn't interested in PvP or working with others. Very bluntly (but usefully) they pointed out that the OP and the game were not a good match. Sometimes, it's true, there is no point in persisting.

I've considered trying it, in the past, except that almost no games work one-handed. It was like that with LOVE especially after Eskil made the AI more active (temporarily because he was trying to solve a problem that turned out not to be helped by doing that). I'd log in, then get killed after X (short) amount of time as the AI honed in on me in their rather relentless fashion. Then I'd log in again. I couldn't move and shoot, so I hardly ever got them before they got me. I'd log off after ten minutes, in agony because I'd try to do things I can't do, which is why I didn't re-up.

I was fond of shooting monsters in PE, and may one day go back and resume that pursuit. Part of the interest was in needing to read and study literally hundreds of pages of data on weaponry and things, for which the (now defunct) Entropia Pioneers were very useful. I just threw all that out recently, too. In There everyone hacked up their clients to have various player-made additions for er... emotes and GPS, I think.

Before I got to SL I'd read every single piece of documentation which (I didn't know at the time) were absolutely MAJESTICALLY out of date. I spent months expecting to pay to TP and to use light :-D I never did use light much because it was dinned into us that it was a resource hog. That was before fullbright and hardware lights - the only thing we had was local lighting - a huge fps hit that was left off until necessitated by a special venue (Gravity Space Station, once in a blue moon).

I spent ten minutes on the Blue Mars forum earlier, but BM makes me feel tired for some reason. I suppose my energy and enthusiasm has been used up.

Update: Oof, apparently the TGers are merged into the blogorum along with the rest of the people.


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I love your round ups of other worlds - it's like you are both testing them out for me and going to the crap ones so I don't have to - I think we should pay you for this (please note the use of the word think). But I have one problem... I have not got a clue what half of the TLAs are!


BoB was Band of Brothers, a huge EVE alliance, that was mortal enemies of the goons (for whom asshattery is like a red flag to a bull - "takes one to know one" applies).
PvP = player versus player
OP = original poster
PE = Project Entropia when I joined 5 or 6 years ago, it became Entropia Universe then Planet Calypso.
TG = teen grid

I go to Entropia about once a year. Last time was after their huge upgrade, the third time I got to remake my avatar. It was a 5 gig d/l last time I went in!

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