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26 February 2010

I'll try to list how I am using the 2.0 viewer here:

Right-click address bar "show parcel properties" parcel info/icons/coordinates
Control-Alt D advanced menu
Control-Alt Q develop menu

Need to use:
Control-Shift I inventory

Easiest to use World - Show Minimap, then open the Map from the Minimap when needed.

I THINK the only drop option is to use the IM field.

For attachments to notices you need the proper Cntrl-Shift inventory window, not the one on the right, so you can drag and drop onto the square.

to be continued

Generally speaking 2.0 is doable if one can learn to dig, and the new features are very nice.

The worst part is the media controls. If you have autoplay media on everything plays at once, so I turned that off. If I want to turn audio or video on I click the media control, click "More," click "Show all on this parcel," click the one I want, then hit play.

Just noticed: when you receive a Friend request it comes through the IM window.

After today I need to go and rescue my profile Notes, as it's full of important information but not accessible in 2.0 as far as I can see. I use that a ton - because, you know, if I need to make a note about someone it really does no good to put it onto their profile. "Oh yes, I remember that - I made a note on the owner's profile and... now what was his name? Oh, I could check my chatlogs except they were all deleted when I had to uninstall/reinstall 2.0. Well... I can go through two million profiles! OK! One... two..."

I need to spend some time trying to figure out the outfits thing, as it doesn't seem to work correctly [items not included in the outfit as seen in the Outfits tab still are accessed and worn, relogging has left me with different unworn items each time - once clothing, once hair - and attempting to wear those things from the same outfit did nothing (I resorted to wearing from an inventory folder)]. The way I used it was to delete all the library outfits and, by going into Appearance, create an outfit from what I was wearing, which showed in Outfits. Perhaps that wasn't quite right.

Gestures seem not to work but I haven't investigated further or attempted to redo/reactivate them.

2.0 reminds me of Tanko Bushi:

posted by - 3:50 PM

I can only do ctrl-shift-I with two hands and cannot imagine how anyone could accomplish that key combo with only their left hand.
Needs must when the devil drives.

Little finger on the i, index finger on Shift, thumb on Control. I need to practise it a million times, though.
At least you're not an ungulate... oops! Sorry, HeadBurro!

(How funny, my Word Verification word was "chide.")
Well, Salazar, I'm feeling guilty now as your REZDAY SURPRISE seems like it is shriveling on the vine. Did I (like everyone said most vociferously) make the quest impossible to do?
I'm so sorry. I meant to continue with that quest this weekend. With no spare time on weekdays all my fun time has moved to Saturday/Sunday whenever possible. I look forward to pressing onward with this task today. However shriveled said surprise may be!
Don't be sorry - I was trying to worship you a little ;-D
No wonder I was feeling so divine today!

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