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05 February 2010


Automatically generated panoramic views from the coordinates you specify are sent to your email address when you use Peek360° to get a glimpse of SL without logging in. It's a free app from Avatrian, who are the people who built RMB City.

Interestingly, I submitted a guess as to coordinates, then ten minutes later had a message from Rod of Avatrian saying he thought my Z had been too high. I replied, "I was going off half cocked - I did a second one with better coordinates (not guessing!) that will look better I hope. Still, the first one is interesting ;-D Interesting app - thanks!" I was trying to get my pavilion and things, which of course means missing my cave, but oh well. Can't have everything.

It has a handy share feature that allows me to stick the panorama
directly on this blog, FaceBug, MicePace, and Twitter.

Avatrian, what about Avatars United? (Also it's Osprey, not Atomic.)

posted by - 1:39 AM

WOW! That's ACE!
That's a great write up Atomic. The suggestions for use are good ideas. Thanks for trying out Peek360. We're adding more and more features to it.
ooooo i'm dizzy
@Call Me Lucy, there's pause button :) Just pause the scrolling whenever you want :)

I posted it on AU and it garnered another "Wow."
We thought it was pretty cool when we heard about it and were thinking of the possibility of things like setting up surreal dioramas or depression era WPA art style tableau murals. (The ducks instantly spring to mind.)
A friend of mine owns a couple of sims and last night a tenant sent her a half hour's worth of IM demanding that her privacy be protected from this 360 process. People get so paranoid in SL. My friend contacted someone with 360 Peek and asked if there is a way for a sim to be listed as a no photo zone and was told that there isn't. She was also told that they just make the photos and have no control over how they will be used.
My friend ended up having to ban the camera bot from the estate in order to appease her tenant.
@Molly, thank you for mentioning this incident. The majority of those who use Peek360 find it as a useful free utility. But you are right. There are some who are uncomfortable about the idea of a bot taking photographs in their space. I find it interesting that bots can illicit automatic negative responses such as this. It is true that there had been misuse of bot technology. However, I do feel that there are also countless that are agents for good.

Having said that, what your friend did is absolutely the right thing. We actually tell people to make their sim private, disallow scripting or ban Paparazzi Artful if they do not want panoramic images from Peek360. But I do admit that we can do a better job making this information more obvious.

Take care!
Chenin Anabuki

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