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06 April 2010

Inworldz, Reaction, OsGrid
I wanted to go see Inworldz as that's where Elf Clan has lighted, among a few places including SL. It's attractive - very homey and relaxed, and is at an early developmental stage. OnAttach animation doesn't work at the moment, which isn't the end of the world by any means, although it makes ducks a bit tough. I met some of the devs, who are very friendly, and someone ported me 'round to various beauty spots, which was kind of her (thanks, Mouser).

Reaction Grid
I went back to ReactionGrid after looking for ages for my old (a year) login details. I was their 1000th sign-up back in the day. It's very EDU-y and looks very much the same as last year. I didn't see anyone awake.

I spent some time on osgrid (another one I explored ages ago and hadn't been back to), and would've gone back except I had some kind of mind-bending crash on Emerald, and now I can't get in. I wanted to use Emerald as its set up for grid-hopping is easier than Hippo's, but ah, well. Perhaps another day. Osgrid had people in it, but I didn't talk to anyone as technical difficulties made it impossible.

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Cheers for these Os - I find the concept of going to a new world somewhat daunting right now, so I really enjoy your field reports.

I still haven't seen anything in any of them to tempt me away from SL - they all look like giant sandboxes rather than stable communities.

/me sneezes ishro and leaves
you can follow Osprey's Lewis-&-Clarking in your conestoga wagon, once she marks the trail. heck she even makes the trail! when i first came to SL, it seemed like everywhere i went something i clicked said 'Osprey Therian' on it!
(types porms)
Enjah and I want to do a weekly explorer trip to one place or other, and there are bazillions to choose from at the moment. It's fun to explore, and is not taxing at all.

Don't look at it as looking for a place to be instead of SL. I've always looked upon it as in-addition-to, not instead-of.

They are all buggy and at an early stage due to the difficulties involved in trying to whip up server software from nothing, but I actually like that (I know most people don't, though).

It's my pater's genes - I like things that are in Wild West days and have no use for things that are (socially if not in any other way) "finished."

As an important first step I'm making myself a duck everywhere, you'll be pleased to note. That has included needing to run the animation from inventory as onattach hasn't worked, but that's not much bother.
Ah thanks for that comment about making Ducks everywhere, Os. I noticed that (of course) I do not have my inventory in the New Worlds, and no money either! I wonder how one gets started in that sort of situation.
Places like Inworldz and Reactiongrid have free uploads. It's a case of uploading all the textures/animations/sounds and copy/pasting scripts in some cases, although there are sometimes script differences.

I try to back up my own builds to xml so I can reconstitute on the fly, though, as it's a pain to have to rebuild everything. That option will be, likely, not available after April, so gather ye rosebuds while ye may.
I tried not to write this comment but my brain slipped out its back door and here it is: I do not know how to save my inventory items as xml files. So there, I admitted it! I will look into it.
You should read that Ozbray Theremin's blob. She had a post and a YT video a while ago about backing things up with Meercat (but Hippo works, too).
Or Second Inventory.
Or Emerald.

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