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21 June 2010

Goat Kneecaps

Years ago I started playing a dopey little game called Human Age, which is a French game that was just then getting started in its English version of its first age. As the dev worked on it, first the new age would be in the French version, then it would be translated by volunteers and come out as an English version. I have no clue what the appeal was, aside from the wry names they gave things, and the amusing descriptions of events. I went from being a cave woman to what - a Celtic villager, then an Egyptian, I think. Enj joined and we were married (required for the game in some ages) a couple of times. She leveled up to the Greek Age, but I languished in Egypt helping her alt build a pyramid :-D

Then Enj left, but I persevered and joined the Medieval Age when it opened. There is super complex gameplay, yet nothing at all is stated; we have to figure everything out by trial and error. The main beef with the last age was that certain quests were nearly imposible to do, which seemed to be a way to force players to buy special game busting gods (I never have put one penny into the game, anyway), however the quests in MA are as near-impossible yet without any way to by-pass a step even for filthy lucre.

Did I say it's complex? Each of the clans (I've been an Egghead from the get-go, although our name changes as the ages proceed) has a kingdom, a capital city, and may build villages. One chooses a trade. Everything depends upon everything and everyone else, and I get the sense of the dev thinking, "THAT should keep them busy for a while." Everything can be stolen, and currently other clans are attempting to steal our relics. I must send fifty PMs a day, as we all fuss about our iron ingots and feeding our swine. I recently got married (Ha ha!) to someone who decided it would be a good idea (me: I'm actually a woman, I just didn't like the character picture for women.* Her: I don't care - in fact I usually play as a man but hit the wrong button.). I don't know where she's from - for many players it's a very useful tool to aid in learning English, but I actually have no excuse whatsoever and really just play it out of habit - plus I got to name my monkey Doctor Fireball after my old Turkish camel-game camel, whose memory lives on untarnished :-D

* which is very peculiar in the breast area.


posted by - 5:50 PM

YOU UNFAITHFUL ... er ... spouse.
Bwahahaha! I keep saying, "Eh, don't add up every little thing - it will even out in the end," and she said, "It's starting to feel like a real marriage." Now she wants babies! lol!
ZOMG you are TRAPPED in a bad marriage! Tell her you have a child by a former marriage and that she needs your help with your grandchildren.

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