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27 July 2010

I've been using V2 since it came out for just two reasons:

1) I don't want a Tower of Babel effect where I can't help Ambat noobs because I don't use the same interface
2) SOMEONE, no matter how much it hurts them, needs to use V2 for machinima and point out the difficulties

My machinima output has gone down because I have to fight the UI, and I'm the only person I know who persists in using V2 when making machinima. Contrary to what you may think I don't use it because it's fine for me - it hurts a lot when it comes to filming - I use it because the flaws can only come to light if someone uses the damnable thing.

The FIRST DAY (and during the first five minutes I used it) it was out I pointed out to Blue that the UI didn't suppress. The fact that V2 was sent into beta with that absolutely glaring and obvious flaw is distressing. I've come to the conclusion that LL needs to identify a few major groups which have specific UI requirements and do focused betatesting with those groups and listen to the results.

The UI suppresses, now, which is great. My workarounds were a PITA, so I'm glad not to need them now, however due the way V2 handles itself, which is different from former viewers, there are other issues. My jira of yesterday points out that open animations can no longer be turned on and off when the UI is suppressed. I waited and waited to make that jira because I knew LL has a lot on its plate at the moment, however yesterday my frustration welled up.

As far as major groups with specific UI requirements, please leave your suggestions in the comments. I am only interested for myself and hold no delusions that LL care what I'm thinking about. A couple of groups I think use the UI in very specific ways are:
  • Machinimatographers (incl WindLight, animations, flycam, UI suppression, UI sizing)
  • Landlords (since it incl everything Group managers use and more maybe that last category should be removed)
  • Photographers (incl snapshots, animations, WindLight)
  • Group managers (incl notices, group chat, sharing permissions)
Suggest more and I'll add them if I think they are sufficiently narrow and specific in focus as well as major in terms of importance.

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Thanks for letting me know that V2 now has UI suppression. I am using K Lee's 20 because of that very issue. I have not tried the regular SL 2.0 for a very long time because of it. Being able to click off anims while filming makes a machinima much better, with less jerking around in the editor, so I voted that I would like this issue resolved. I hope others will do the same. Maybe put a message out to Ma Machinima?
I would rather listen to deaf people singing the entire Broadway production of ANNIE then use V2

jus sayin :)

*** the preceding was not meant to be a sleight in any way against Deaf people. I just Hate the V2 Viewer

Some things are ok. Let's see... the reorganisation of menu items is ok. The address bar is ok.
The opaque panes covering my entire screen when I'm scripting my dunce-ish little scripts are just very hard to bear.
The sidebar is something I don't like at all. At least there's an inventory button in Notices now, but those eeny weeny crosses are so fiddly, and EVERYTHING makes you dig dig dig *perks up as the faint strains of Tanko Bushi are heard*
That's my fave bon odori dance but it makes a poor model for UI builders.

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