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10 September 2010


My net has been beyond sucky for the past couple of weeks, but I wasn't motivated to fix it as I was beyond sucky myself, so it just seemed to fit. However today (prodded by Jess) I stirred my stumps and updated the router firmware (I thought it was passworded with a p/w I didn't have but finally tried admin/null and success!), and I swear my cordless phone base interferes too, so that's moved. Seems quite peppy now.

My tiny sister E, who is what, 43? has been invited to participate in the 2011 Special Olympics in Athens :-D All expenses paid, too. w00t! Power-lifting! I've been ringing her phone and leaving messages but she has not rung me back. Both Lucia and my sister D rang me though because E told them I was at death's door.

I was shocked this morning to see that the Royal Mail is to be privatised ===:O That's horribly wrong. I was always a devoted letter-writer until I couldn't write anymore. Perhaps there's not much left if you take out bills and ads - :(

I've been wearing my headset for a couple of weeks - well, I haz two, one I bought and one that Enjah gave me. The one I bought is very solid and has volume/mute on an in-line control which is nice, but it hurts my *jaw* - strange. Enjah's has no volume gizmo but it's lighter, smaller, and so far doesn't hurt as much (or maybe won't at all once my jaw is calmer). Like my mum and Mummy Barbara I have outer ear sensitivity so I wasn't sure I could use headsets at all, but I think I can do it. Putting 'em on one handed is weird, however.

Nearly finished rereading the Bernal Diaz Chronicles, which is slow but I just read a page or two when I sit at the counter in the kitchen, with a screwdriver or a spoon holding the pages down. It's such an amazing document - if you haven't read it and you like eyewitness accounts of things, try it. One thing I don't remember thinking about 20+ years ago (because I'm such a godless infidel) is that the Spaniards believed the Aztec gods existed, they just believed them to be devils. It's hard for me to grasp that, for some reason.

My closest nearby internet-but-never-met buddy Flummel is going to visit in a few weeks, the visit precipitated by the sudden revelation that her son's girlfriend is the niece of my wonderful friend SJ, which Flummel discovered when she went to Missy's and saw a painting of mine on the wall.
(Warning: reenactment for dramatic effect only.)
Flummel: SQUEEE!!!
Missy has been awesomely kind to me. There's talk that she might come too.

Tiff came over today and brought paella. She's wanting me to move closer to her as she'll be giving up her job when her grandson hits Montessori, and has looked at a place or two that sounded nice but are even more unaffordable for me than here. If I'm going to bother to move I need to actually try to live without going into the red by hundreds every month, which is how it is now, but which isn't sustainable.

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Hiya mate - congrats to your sis! I'll be looking out for her and cheeering like a loon :-D

As for the Royal Mail, it is I'm afraid a done deal as all three parties have been talking about it for years now. The Post Offices will still be public, it's just the mail sorting part that will be sold off. They say the universal service agreement will be written into the contract and legally enforced.

And as for going into the red... boo :(
Great news for your sis...and as to your's like you were in the room!

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