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30 November 2010

I haven't had a television for decades, so I don't know if THIS is about a real show or just droll commentary on the state of programming. Or rather, I choose not to know. And don't tell me.

It gets me how I've read 10000 times that it's a superbad sign if someone adjusts his real-life doings in order to be online (say, he's having a meeting inside SL at 2pm with 7 other real people from all round the world so turns down an invitation to help an aquaintance move house) however no one ever says, "If you adjust your real-life doings (say, decide to go visit a friend on a different night than the one your fave toob show i.e. passive recorded entertainment airs) to watch television it's a superbad sign."

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1. Yes, that is a real show (blecchh)!
2. Yes, I have said on the phone, can I call you back after Blahddy Blah ends? and they have been highly offended.
Eye sed don't tell me (I had googled it I just didn't want to absorb the answer). Now the imminent failure of human society, no longer deniable lah lah lah I can't hear you, is causing a rashlike skin condition that is red and itching.
i just read a review somewhere about this show - reviewer was disgusted too. y'know i turned down all sorts of events and parties to be in TSMGO and even took my computer to thanksgiving and 4th of july to excuse myself for an hour to do the show! and i'm just fine thank you! sometimes some of the people at the party came to watch, but of course it was a bit boring to watch my screen full of menus and lists and animation thingees! i wonder if they will show the grooms' reactions? i wonder if the grooms will have surgery too? we may be among the last generations of ugly people.
having thot some more about this, the best plan would be to have someone better looking and nicer take your place at the wedding! wouldn't that be a nice surprise for the groom? kind of like my plan to make up an impressive but fictitious obit for myself and also put a photo of someone better looking - jeez i'd better get on that, not much time left!
I like reading obituaries as they are true life stories and always facinating. It bugs me when the obit has a picture of the dead person as old. As I told my pater's widow while we were choosing a photo - she saying, "Does he look old in that picture?" Me: YES. We should I start picking photos and specifying them. Luceh, a fake bio would be less than interesting. If yer bio would be boring (as if) you'd better start plumping it up with real things. (And why wouldn't you say, "She was part of an online vaudeville show that performed blah blah blah...") Perhaps there should be an obit-inside-the-obit for the virtual persona(s).
What if you include things you never got around to? That reveals a lot. "Luceh always meant to take up synchronised waterskiing, but somehow never got around to it, although her participation in the Synchronised Knitters Precision Unicle Drill Team satisfied that desire to a degree." Or maybe we should include ads: "She enjoyed knitting and canning. One quart homemade strawberry jam, $2.99."

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