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30 December 2010

Human Age News

I'm STILL persisting with HA, which is just a simple little game, but which has much more interactivity amongst players at the medieval stage than previously. I didn't like the graphic for women and so I am a man :-D When the English language game started the mining was very unbalanced and what should've been cheap iron ingots became costly as gold, and resulting crafted items such as helmets couldn't be sold for anything like their cost. Although anyone can mine, only a smith can make ingots (I'm a smith) and so we were hot properties for marriage.

My wife Lyoko is an engineer (she's aware I'm female irl - in fact she said she usually plays as a male but accidentally became a woman in this level). We have two daughters, Sakura (a grown up graphic haha!), and Saskia (a little girl graphic). Lyoko named Sakura, and I named Saskia (after Rembrandt's wife).

Everything requires energy, which refills little by little on the hour, so travel, fighting, hunting, tending crops, and so forth (even giving a flower graphic to one's spouse graphic to increase the couple's percentage of graphic love) must be done at the right time.

I'm the mayor of the first village founded in the Egghead kingdom. It was founded by our then-queen, who handed it over to me ages back. The duties of the mayor include making sure the various roles are filled (builder, captain, town crier, etc.). The village has loads of buildings that require constant upkeep. We skirmish with other villages and gain XP. We hang out in the pub and talk smack, and I've tried to get people who have a sense of fun involved in the village. Our current king lives in the village and is a big flirt.

Because it's a graphics-only kind of game it attracts people who are interested in having a very low-stress and gentle gaming experience. There seem to be three major groups of gameplayers that I've identified: people who have stressful jobs in real life and who just want to do something distracting and low-key (i.e. nurses, paramedics), Romanians who are using the game as a way to learn the language, and people who are very religious and want to play a game with no naughty bits.

I'm not very interested in accumulating wealth graphics, so I generally just give things away or sell on the market for a reasonable amount. My graphic needs are small. The market is quite interesting, as it's more mature now and there is a use for most things we make at our trades. Trades include smith, engineer, tailor, alchemist, armourer. Anyone can mine, excavate stone, cut trees, raise crops or livestock, but to transform those into more complex things one is required to progress at one's trade. I'm near the end of my training, but it all requires very rare components now so my progress is slow, yet who cares? If I finish sooner rather than later it won't really mean anything. I'm fond of my fellow gameplayers, and although it's sort of a boring game that, in a way, is why we like it.


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I sadly read your diary of HA! The Game, knowing that I would be in there buying cheats every other day so I have ruled myself out of it. I am glad you and Yoko -- er, Sakuro -- are happy (SOB).
I wouldn't call it buying cheats - it is supporting the game, after all. I got the feeling they maxed the complexity in this age as if to say, "There - that'll hold you for a while." There's no reason to strive and nowhere to go - getting through the various quests and games can only be done in their time, so it's like a course in "relax and explore the game as it is today."
Also there are no buyable "gods" to allow you to pass any of the difficult stages. You just have to keep trying.

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