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15 December 2010


I believe the first album I ever bought was Help, and it cost five dollars. I don't remember where I got it, but a bit later I frequented little record shops that sold all kinds of things including bootleg albums. I had all kinds of bootleg albums, but alas, records at that time were frequently stolen. I think I *might* still have a few ordinary albums from that era - like Raw Blues, a John Mayall production.

When I got married I took all my records and sold them, being told it was quite a nice collection. The only one that stands out in my mind (only because of the super-annoying cover which was multiple joined and folded-together round bits) is Ogden's Nut Gone Flake.

I was never interested in tapes; I went from records to CDs. But it was a facinating time, the tape period, because EVERYWHERE along the road were billows of brown tape and the wind blew clumps of tangled tape like tumbleweeds, which caught on sign posts. It was ENDLESSLY FACINATING to me.

After my husband gave me a CD player for xmas 1988 or 9 or maybe 87 I just bought CDs, mainly from either the bands themselves at shows or from small CD shops. Then I started buying CDs online from funny indie labels like Barsuk. Then I stopped buying CDs at all and just wandered around listening to various bits and pieces on the internet.

Except for opera CDs and a few things like Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus I really don't play anything anymore, and the dopey CDs are in various points in the house gathering dust. I decided I'd get rid of them if I can do it, and tossed some into a little box just now. I'd wager it's about what anyone has from that time period (the last ones I bought were AGES ago - the Long Winters was among the last I think). I was trying to divide (just the small group that fit in the box) into bands I'd seen and bands I hadn't, but there's a third category, bands I might've seen but I can't remember for sure.

For instance, seen:
Gas Huffer
Rev Horton Heat
Dandy Warhols
Butthole Surfers
Screaming Trees
Dub Narcotic Sound System
Six Finger Satellite
For instance, not seen:
Pearl Jam
White Town
Meat Puppets
Skinny Puppy
Stone Roses
Green Day

Have I seen Southern Culture On the Skids? Not sure. Quasi? Hemi Cuda? Dunno.

If I try to remove CDs incrementally I *might* be able to accomplish it. Mr Monster asked me if I'd saved all the contents on my pewter, but if I haven't played them in eight years would that make sense? I don't really care anymore, anyway.

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/me saw Sun Ra in Seattle around 1977 in some little club but can't remember where now.

/me feels very old.
i saw 5-track playing in Amanda Jo Williams band in L.A. this fall - he is a genius
Maybe I saw SouthernCOTSkids at the Croc...
I have a few 8-tracks I'll give you...we too are in the midst of de-stuffing us. CDs and albums are on the list to go too...but I have some strong emotional attachment to some of the, particularly the LPs...cds not so much. Alas the clutter that is us.
ZOMG Don't give me yer 8 tracks - I'm trying to pare down! Is hard to do since I can't move much. I like air, though, not stuff :-(

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