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04 April 2011


I had thought I'd got the rotation correct on the rune rezzer, but it was completely koo-koo when I looked at it. I just spent over 9000 hours but I think I finally (maybe) have figured out how to make things rez properly. Maybe. In any case the rune rezzer rezzes runes rotated. Phew. It only took 7+ years.

So - Product 1 for the Fortune Warehouse at Cowell.

After some soul-searching I decided to leave Grignano, which I'll love forever but oh, well. I watched Salazar build Cowell fishing village (before I knew Salazar, in the summer of '04) and I have always wanted to be a part of it, so now's my chance. Enjah has come, too, and Lucy is the third member of the Fortune Warehouse cabal. We'll have fun things like 8-balls, runes, tarot cards, fortune cookie avatars, and possibly some animations/poses. I might as well jam all mine in a vendor as I have loads, almost all of which are little interesting moves I did for machinima such as looking at a watch, handstands, shading eyes, Tiny anims like jumping up and down, and so on.

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Well I'll be really sorry to see you leave Grignano, after all it was through your art gallery & wonderful photo contests that I got to know you guys. By the time I came to meet you in '07 the life you guys had led in Grignano had moved on.

Leaving a place is hard, at least it is for me. Or rather the path up the point of leaving is... I've found that once I've made up my mind it's a rather liberating process. Anyhoo, what I mean is I know this can't have been easy for you :(

Still, Nova Albion's loss is Cowell's gain and to find out I'm about to have neighbours at last is rather brilliant news :-D
p.s. Can I borrow a cup of sugar?
i love the runes...consult mine often! no idea what it means, i'm too literal, but fascinating just the same.
i love Cowell 'cause it's where we rehearsed for TSMGO when i still didn't know my avatars ass from a hole in the ground.
the I Ching says ... the young fool seeks me; I do not seek the young fool ...
Is that a yes for the sugar? Only I need it for the cake I'm baking you see, and Sal's 7-11 at Cowell Corner is shut and I've run out...
'Well I'll be really sorry to see you leave Grignano...'

Left already. The anniversary was kind of the last straw.
What's happened to all the jun... err, reclamation supplies above the Gallery space?
I took everything I owned from there in one, huge coalesced wad, so imagine the tornado in Wizard of Oz with Emma Gulch bicycling by and everything whirling in the air: that's what it looks like inside my inventory.
I love Cowell. I always park myself there between land ownership. It was my first resting place in SL and shall eventually be my last.

Though I did love your digs in Gringano - it nice to know you all will be around the village.
Welcome, welcome, welcome! I am glad to hear that you, Enjah and Lucy will be putting up a shingle in the Cowell Village. (Beautiful photo by the way!)

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