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01 July 2011


E and Her Teammates in Athens

'Bowlers had another busy day collecting medals and ribbons. In all, they earned six gold, five silver, four bronze, four 4th place, seven 5th place, two 6th place and two 8th place on Friday. Lori Boettner overcame a 56-pin deficit to score a personal best of 109 and earned the gold medal! Five bowling teams will compete on Saturday.

Friday at the Kayaking venue, James Purnell and Samantha Disanti were awarded gold
medals in the 500-meter race. Robert Lord earned a silver and Marcus Gary received a bronze, also in the 500-meter race. One athlete and both coaches also competed in the Unity Sports Event in the Dragon Boat race with Special Olympics CEO Tim Shriver. Saturday, athletes will compete in the 200-meter finals starting at 9 am.

There will be three Sailing competition races Saturday.

The Alabama Volleyball team defeated Turkey Friday morning in three sets: 25-19, 23-25, 15-4. They will play Japan in the semifinals Saturday at 10:10 am. The Texas team won both of their games Friday and will have a day off on Saturday.

It was an exciting day at the Cycling venue. Jason Greenhalgh too
k home another gold medal and Kenny Jones earned 4th place in the 5K time trials. Syd Lea completed the 25K with ease. Although he was in the second division, he was the first athlete to cross the finish line from either division! Jason, Syd and Mark O’Brien will compete in the 15K road race starting at 10 am Saturday, and Amanda Mickan will compete in the 15K road race at 11 am.

Shailah Brousseau completed prelims in rhythmic Gymnastics Friday morning and did really well. The rest of the gymnastics team went to OAKA and the Festival, where they walked around and did some souvenir shopping. In the afternoon, they went to support the USA softball team who came out with a win. Danielle Blakeney will compete in rhythmic gymnastics at 4 pm Saturday.

The awards stands at the Golf venue will rock with red, white and blue on Saturday as the Team USA golfers step up to collect their eight gold, seven silver, four bronze and three 4th place awards following the final day of competition on Friday. Among the gold medalists was Richard Heath of Florida, who celebrated his birthday by winning his division of the Level 5 competition. Team USA golfers posted the lowest female Level 5 (Individual 18-Hole), male and female Level 4 (Individual 9-Hole) and male Level 2 scores of the World Games.

The Softball team beat Russia 22-9. Because this was the first game Russia has lost, they will play again Saturday at 11 am to secure the gold medal.

The ladies of Powerlifting had a successful day. April Cason earned two silver medals and a bronze medal. Kellieta Claborn earned three 4th place ribbons. Randi Penenburgh earned a gold medal. Craig Henderson, Elizabeth Kendall and Craig Maurer will compete at 9:30 am Saturday, and Chris Currere and Angelo Mascheroni will compete at 1:30 pm.

The Soccer team will play for the gold medal at 12:45 pm Saturday.

Tennis learned Friday that all 20 of their athletes will receive at least one medal! Katie Vandenbosch had the coaches biting their nails until she won a very close match. Tennis singles will wrap up on Saturday with Adam Snodgrass, Lucas Blattel, Robin Lincke, Valerie Stiffy and Krista Genter competing at 9 am and Leita Keller and Glenn Jones competing at 10 am.

Satuday will be a busy day at the Track. Athletes will compete in the 200-meter male race and the female high jump at 9 am, the high jump/pentathlon at 9:50 am, the 800-meter female race at 10:50 am and the 800-meter male race at 11:20 am. In the afternoon, the schedule includes the 400-meter/pentathlon at 12:20 pm, the 100-meter female race at 12:50 pm and the male high jump at 1 pm.

Equestrian athlete Matt Schoenbauer took home a gold medal Friday. Alexandra Pope earned silver, Johanna Schoeneck earned bronze and Matt Dull earned a 4th place ribbon. Saturday’s schedule includes working trails competitions for levels A & C at 9, 10 and 11:12 am and 1:39 pm.

Bocce men’s singles wrapped up on Friday. Most awards ceremonies will take place on Saturday, however, Raymond Ervin received his gold medal Friday, which is his birthday. The team sang “Happy Birthday” to him on the award stand. The ladies spent Friday at the Acropolis and shopping. The team took a trip to the Planetarium in the evening. Doubles competition will begin Saturday. Click here for Friday’s full results and Saturday’s complete schedule.

Aquatics competition for Saturday morning will include the 200-meter backstroke at 9 am, the 25-meter freestyle at 10 am and the 100-meter breast stroke at 11:30 am. Afternoon competition includes the 100-meter individual medley at 1:20 pm, the 50-meter male freestyle at 2 pm and the 25-meter female backstroke at 4 pm.'


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