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02 May 2012

I met a lot of kind and silly people in the hospital, and contrary to what you might think did a LOT of wild laughing sometimes to the point of being barely able to speak from the effects of merriment. I told them all I was a stubborn and fierce warrior woman and queen of the universe. They didn't question that. I take after my pater in being somewhat akin to the honey badger, and with no particular modesty (which is sort of counter-humour) which was a good thing as at one point they parked me on a commode mid-room then left, leaving the door open facing a full waiting room. Bwahaha!

I kept apologising for being disgusting, and an aide and I had a guffaw when another aide said she'd seen worse. Haha! Now THAT'S small comfort :-D

When I was in the ER they gave me some dopey meds in an IV because they thought I was suffering, and whatever it was instantly made me want to burst into tears every five minutes. As soon as it ran out I was back to cracking wise. They gave me an EKG, cat scan, a couple of X-rays, not sure if anything else. I was trying hard to say 'thank you' to every person along the way but it was comically hard with the drug reaction. I can't say I was ever in pain; discomfort, yes, but I've been in severe pain and that was not in the same league.

A few notables off the top of my head from a flowing cast of characters that must've numbered close to forty:

I hadn't eaten in days, which everyone mistakenly thought was because I feared diarrhea (actually beyond fearing somehow getting trapped in other people's control I can't say I fear anything) and I had to say NO I JUST HAD NO ACCESS TO FOOD (while lying on the floor half-dead, covered in shit and blood). When FINALLY I was offloaded into a third floor bed, dinner turned up and Good Nurse Dee (she was fun and savvy) wouldn't  let me eat anything but some brown rice. It was funny, but akin to torture. Later I was allowed to nibble more, slowly, but I was starving. Dee went home and I went to sleep.

At 4 am I was awoken for vitals and vittles . Vicky said, 'Do you want a bag of CheeTos?' I said, 'You're having me on!' She said no, and asked me if I wanted a roast beef sandwich. Ummm... YES WHY YES EYE DEW.

Perhaps 30 minutes later a man came in. 'I'm from the lab.' 'And you've come to drink my blood.' 'Indeed.' 'You must be a phlebotomist.' 'Extraordinaire.' We had a very amusing conversation. James, a nighttime CNA, would toss me on the commode then sit in the visitor's chair and shoot the breeze. He would squeeze my toe in passing, and was unfailingly cheerful and generous of spirit. Dr. Achebeye (who had a gorgeous brown and blue outfit on the day she let me out) was down-to-earth, stylish, and understood what I was saying (I totally blabbed all my needs to everyone in great honesty, like I am very private, independent, my love of nature, my fierceness, etc.). I told her she was awesome because SHE IS. I told her I wanted out and she told me to be that warrior woman when PT came to assess my condition.

need to finish this later...

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“He would squeeze my toe in passing, and was unfailingly cheerful and generous of spirit.” I’m glad you weren’t wearing your stout shoes (with steel-capped toes) at the time! Thanks for painting a picture of your troubles. I'm glad you had the folks there as you needed them. /me gives Osprey a big hug.
So glad your back home mate, even happier you were on good, generous hands. Much love xx

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