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07 December 2012

I talked to M$ support just now. Annoyingly there's no way to do the 40 dollar Win 8 update from Microsoft if you want to go from 32 bit to 64 bit (this is my old puter I need it for). I don't even understand why they still make 32 bit. My old un can go to 64 bit just fine, but I will have to buy the disc, which is spendier and which will make me go to Win 7 as it is more desirable on a desktop.

*gnashes teeth*

I hate buying anything for it but I can't do a reinstall and don't trust a manual wipe. All I wanna dew is sell it. It's been sitting around unloved since I got the new one. 

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why do you even want to "update" to win8 in the first place? it's stupid
why do you even want to "update" to win8 in the first place? it's stupid
I just want to put on a new OS that's 64 bit, and Win 8 is 40 dollars. I'd rather have 7. I just don't trust that I can clean the XP off well enough, plus it would benefit from a reinstall. And it has more ram than 32 bit OS can use anyway. I would've gone as far as 40 bucks but I can't afford more. I guess I can either A) try cleaning it off, B) go Linux.
Even the Gabe says 8 is a disaster, so yeah.
I heartily dislike Windows 8 but I seem to be unable to revert :((((
but wait...Leonard isn't here right now but I think I heard him telling me about a work around for this very issue. I'll get back to you by the end of the day!
Oh, I'd love to hear it, Karan, ty.
Enjah, you impetuous girl! As I recall you installed Win8 long LONG before it even came out - which really surprised me as you'd had such a bad time installing Win7 early before there were drivers for things. Microsoft did that bad thing by naming their stupid beta 'consumer preview' but never change yer OS unless you are very unhappy with the one you have and the newer ones has had its rough edges smoothed. Also always extract your reg number for Windows before doing anything. Then if you need to you can just reinstall the old Windows (either by borrowing a disc or say torrenting the version you need).
I like 7 better than XP, but there's no way I can buy a whole 'nother 7 for the old puter as it is three times the price of 8.
I just read something saying you can't borrow a disc to reinstall - can that be correct? I was assuming you'd type in your own regcode. Why in the world would it not work?
I think that Leonard will prove to be less useful than I promised....he said that you'll have to uninstall 8, start over, and reinstall it, selecting the 32 bit option. It might work, but it seems to me that tech support would have thought of that. Leonard said that you have to have an original disk too. That, I don't know about. Hopefully you can work this through...because it makes no sense to me that MS would not allow 32 bit machines to use Windows 8. Here's a link that may help:

Let me know how that works.

Yeah, thanks, but I knew all that (to my chagrin). The only thing I would do re: Win8 is install 64 bit for 40 dollars. There's no thrill to Win8 besides that price. If I were going to buy a disc I'd go Win7. But I guess I just will try cleaning it off well and see if I can sell it as an upgradeable XP. Ah, well. Thank you for asking him <3

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