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25 November 2013

Got okay from hospice to go ahead with plan to stop eating and drinking. Wish me well. I have to go some way and I don't have control over anything else. 

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we wish you well with love and all our real and virtual hearts
Well, I'm glad I got to bake you some chocolate chip cookies, and share a nice meal with you, before you implemented your exit strategy. That would not have been well at all if we had supped and drunk while you passed on the vittles we were passing around. Thank you so much for your hospitality. I thoroughly enjoyed breaking bread and chewing the fat with you. I wish you peace and strength of heart for your journey. Fair winds and a strong current for you and the Flying Tako! On to the next adventure, until I see you again. Lots of Love. /me salutes
My heart is full of wishes and softness, memories of art with you, memories of the artful way you live life. Bless your pixelated heart.
May you find peace... thanks for your time.
I can't lie, this tears at my heart... wishing you peace, and sending you love. I have so many wonderful memories of the gallery, the duck flashmob, the variety show... something of you will always be in SL, making it brighter. Thanks for the good times, I wouldn't have missed it for anything. *hugs*
Your kindness, generosity, and encouragement has been such a great inspiration to so very many. Bless you and please be well.
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You were my friend when I was lost. Without you I would never have traveled so far, created so much and laughed so hard. I love you to bits Os and I hope we meet again xxx
Just had to add... I may not have accomplished a lot in SL so far, but I got to know you, and that's pretty darn good. You're one of the best. Onward and upward.
You have given me several lifetimes of inspiration, laughter, and creativity. I am forever beholden.

This plan makes a lot of sense to me, and I believe it is a peaceful route. Your animal body is dying, and you know they stop eating when they feel it coming. The rest of you, your golden glowing body, will fly on, and we will always be sisters.

I will join you when my time arrives, and we will then reincarnate in our big family house with the flying cars, animals, friends and our affectionate, supportive, creative family.

I will also be keeping you on my personal healing list, for the best possible departure.
No matter how you slice it, this is an unhappy state of being. It seems cruel that they can't help you with PAD.
Goodbye sweetie.

Goodbye sweetie.


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