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02 November 2007

How I Got Involved with Combat Cards
by O. Therian

Back in '04 I met Tedd, who introduced me to Pirate, who said, "Make clothes for DarkLife." I said I would, and wound up in a game dev group. Not that I consider myself at all a game dev., but that's where I was. I was in Bodega one day (I think spring '05) and someone was asking if anyone was available right then to help him test Sim Combat. I said ok, and teleported to the Kill Club. Doc showed me how to play the game, which involved drop-down blue notices and had no visual aspect beyond the animated avatars. After that I used to go to the KC once in a while to fight.

In January '06 we still had the proper forums, and I saw a post from Doc describing the direction he wanted Sim Combat to go in and asking for graphics help now that HUDs had been added to Second Life. I replied (cautiously) saying it sounded like a good idea, then waited to see if lots of people volunteered to work on graphics. No one did, so after a few days I left an IM saying I would do it because I already knew him. Sim Combat became Combat Cards.

I realised recently that the game, to me, is not Combat Cards itself. To me the game is doing the graphics that function, are readable, and meet with approval from a gamer. I used to do the same thing with commissioned work - since I do things for myself night 'n' day, year in year out, it's a novelty - fun - to do things for someone else. I learn a lot by it. It's similar to being an ace archer, and competing in a competition someone else has set up. Can I pierce the flaming tofu-balls flung into the air? Left to my own devices I'd never think to try , yet I've become reasonably adept at piercing flaming tofu-balls after much practise.

This wouldn't've happened had I not received the first group IM and answered. It's funny how things often hinge upon tiny occurrences. I can't imagine not being part of it, now. There's an infinite number of alternate scenarios (old chestnut) at every second of my life (and even before, as things influenced my life that happened before my birth*). If I had a time machine handy** at what point would I change the flow?***
rest deleted :D to save you from boredom

*In a cave at the tail end of the last ice age.
**Mine is in storage.
***It would definitely involve not getting married, that's certain.


posted by - 11:43 AM

One thing SL has taught me in the last few months, is that life seems to have a plan that we are not privy too :)
I argue with a friend, saying that if there is more than this simple existence, "We can't know what's for the best." And, "It might be that life is best as a thrilling roller coaster ride." He says life should be flat and happy and not up-down-up-down and that's what we should try for. What's the Burro philosophy?
Burro Philosophy is at best a Hydra like mess, but I'll lop off a few highlights and see how they sound:

1) The secret of life is to strive to be happy. This is easier for some than others due to either where (and when) they live and how their brains are wired up.

2)Personal responsibility is the other secret.

2a) As a subset of point 2 - there is no god so don't use and/or blaming him/her/it. Let's face it, if there were a god, at best he's an idiot absentee landlord, and at worse a right cruel old swine so why bother with him anyway. Take control and respinsibility for your own existence.

3) Life does not like ruts and will boot you out of one quite roughly if you allow yourself to get in one for too long. You have no choice in this.

4) Flat is good. Ups and down are OK for a while and extremes are occasionally fun. Aim for a balance.

5) Lie to folks if you have to, but never, ever lie to yourself. Never.

I think that's it. Seems to get me by with a cheery smile on my mush.

HBA the Wise.

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