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18 July 2008

Looking Glass

I was speaking with someone this morning who does what I do - how infuriating! That is, when I said X he processed the question and responded to it plus all the things he knew and attached to it. I know I do this - that's why I frequently don't give answers that make sense. It's like I am answering one question further along or just making a follow-up remark to my answer that I never made.

Once an ultra-annoying* physicist showed me a flag and said, "What flag is this?"
It was an Australian flag, which fact seemed so rudimentary to me I launched into an anecdote about the Southern Cross pointer star and how a Kiwi beauty pageant winner accidentally picked the wrong flag as the two are the same except for the pointer star.
Meanwhile he snickered because obviously I had no clue, he thought.

I think I have the ASKING part down. I just don't think I ANSWER. It's like this:
X: Where are you?
Y: You need me?
X: I just need to know where you are. Are you at home?
Y: (goes home) I am now.
X: But when I asked, were you then?
Y: Should I go back?
X: Back WHERE?


X: Is that something you made?
Y: It isn't what I was telling you about last week.
X: What did you tell me about last week?
Y: You wanted something to go from Point A to Point B.
X: Oh, so you didn't make it?
Y: I SHOWED it to you - yes, I made it.
X: No, I mean this thing.
Y: This is something different.
X: Uh. You didn't make it?
Y: YES, of course I did.
*X collapses from exhaustion.*

* ultra, ultra, ultra

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"*X collapses from exhaustion.*"

This is what stars DO!
Yup, you do do that second thing. I hadn't really noticed, but you do. Part of the reason I hadn't noticed is the obvious communication issues with text and non-physical cues, the other is 10 years with my missus who has the amazing* ability to imagine she has had large parts of the conversation with me already and just carry on or take up where she thinks we left off. I get three sentences in before going "Whoa! What the bloody monkey chuff are you on about?" and it takes another five minutes for me to a) find out and b) convince her that she hasn't ever said any of this to me. Argh!

From now on, I'll know to re-focus the conversation rather than just wonder if I've missed something :-D

* I mean, of course, infuriating.
I kid you not - she'll just pipe out with "So, shall we tell Jane yes?" and when I finally get to what she is on about, she tells me she had the whole first part of the conversation (the explaining to me what we can say yes to Jane about) in her head rather than out loud. She's a fooking fruit-loop I tells ya. Good job I loves her otherwise I'd section her mad arse.
To be fair to me I often say something at rehearsal that no one pays any attention to, then 50 lines further on people want me to repeat everything. I say "read back" or ignore it because I have rsi and typing feels like stabbing broken glass after I've been doing it for a while.
Extreme case: I had a conversation with Candide about something he didn't remember, but he looked it up in his logs then came back and said, "You told me about that in JANUARY."
Well, after I say something I do think people then are in possession of that information.
LOL - I can understand the RSI thing not making you want to repeat stuff, but in the general melee of rehearsal convos it is really, really easy to miss something - especially if you say something needs changeing to Avatar 'A' (who is not me, oh no and don't even think it is) and Av 'A' starts to edit it and move it but meanwhile you say stuff which Av 'A' misses under edit boxes and then has no idea it was said. I'm only putting this forward as a possible occurance and in no way am saying this has happened more than once to me. Or anyone. Or Av 'A'. ARRRRGGHHHHHH!

And poor Candidne - if you told him in Jan then that is null and void now. Anything you tell us fellas weakens everytime we sleep and vanishes altogetther after 2 weeks. TRUFAX!

I have to write my own name down every morning (and my address) to ensure they stay in my head which is full of verbatim lines for 1980 horror films. And norks. The male brain - not much use but always fun :-D

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