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28 August 2008

Peebles Iz Talking 2 Meh, Bah

Marilee, whose husband is Pete, rang me yesterday and said, "Were you sleeping?"
I was like wtf?, "Er. It's not even 8pm."
Marilee: blah-blah-blah
me: blah-blah-blah
Marilee: Well, I'll let you go back to bed.
Me: *wtf???*
Me: Um, ok.

I didn't go to bed for another 6 hours. I must've sounded as though I'd been asleep or something... uh... except I hadn't been, I was in SL doing something. I don't even think I SOUNDED asleep - when the phone rang I thought it was probably SJ as she's coming tomorrow, and was ready to leap into an animated conversation punctuated by fawk fawk fawk and loud rowdiness. I'm usually almost as rowdy with Marilee but she threw me for a loop; perhaps it was projection on her part as she had to get up at 3am today I think she said as they were leaving on a roadtrip (hmmmm a park in Utah and on to Cali, etc.).

Tiff came over today. She is in between Mexico and the Dominican Republic as far as trips go. I've been trying to beat her into going to Iceland, but that hasn't panned out.
We had our usual chat about politics.
Tiff: In my world no one is a Republican.
Me: ok
Me: The voting booths should be made so that if someone pulls the lever for mccain it releases poisonous gas.

The Monsters came over on Friday. They'd been to see Radiohead the night before, having driven up on spec and bought tickets outside the venue from a man who couldn't go because "his wife didn't want to go." Uh - strange.

I immediately installed Keats in front of Spore's Creature Creator and had him building creatures happily for ages. Then Susan said he should do something else, and he said, "I want to go in Second Life." I said, "It's over 18," and kicked him into Lively where he spent about 7.45 minutes before running back to Spore. Truthfully I didn't direct him much in Lively as I had forgotten how it works and I keep my memory in my mouse-hand. If I'm not sitting in front of the computer I can't remember things like that I'm not very familiar with. Photoshop I don't need to be in, since it is 75% of my brain.

He has a laptop now, but they have =======:O dial-up (I don't blame anyone for having crap interwebz tubing if they have actual real things they'd rather be doing, however) although I clunk them on the head about it periodically and they may go for the BB soon, I believe. Lucia is recalcitrant and won't install BB as she says she doesn't want to spend time on the computer. Consequently if I want to show her video of something I can't, so she's never seen any of my machinima.

Will have fun with SJ tomorrow although last time she was here I think it took me three days to get over it.

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never were only two kinds of ppl in the world, but sometimes ppl who enjoy online stuff and ppl who do not even check their emails are ... like different species .. kinda like a chicken and a man from pluto?
I say NO to the gas idea... instead, everytime they go to put a cross there, a big hand comes out and slaps them. This keeps happening until they learn and/or give up - I'm not bothered which as either will make the world about 1700% safer than an new, improved, insaner Bush on the throne.
They won't learn and they won't give up. Half the voting population of the USA is completely divorced from reality and they infect their children.

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