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14 January 2010


I had a weird day. I stayed up until 3 or so, but got up at 7:30ish and wanted to check something so went online. I'd contacted, the night before, someone about the NA infrastructure damage, which was collected as landmarks in a notecard and passed on to a different person a year ago. After a few times asking for updates, a nowty reply put me off asking any more, so six or seven months later I gave the notecard to the first person in this confusing (and pretty meaningless) tale. Although enthusiastically received at the time it wasn't acted on, nor was it remembered at all today, so I wound up transcribing the ugly great list into Notepad and appending it to a ticket. I hadn't done that at first as I was specifically told it wasn't a DPW-doable project. I felt a bit guilty for being less cheerful than usual, but I hadn't had any coffee at that point and this six years worth of damage just weighs heavily upon me. I know they are busy, and it's low down on their list, and that no matter how simple the fixes would be (copy selected for almost everything) it still demands time. I'd do it if I were allowed, but alas I am not.

Then I did a lot of completely odd things like taking part in a UPenn research event just to see how someone did research events (I got burnt up in a fire because I wasn't motivated to run out of the building) and talk to the attendees. The first one I talked to had transferred from the TG a year ago, and gave me a brief outline as to how things fare over there (not well, apparently). There was a tall, blue Avatar movie avatar, about eight feet tall, and a very tall tatooed man with a horse's tail who placed first (I placed last hah - but I think I was the only novice and I had nothing motivating me). I don't have any idea why I went. I attempted a number of good deeds for sufferers asking for help on the forum, one of whom had something spamming her with messages on her sim (which I ran down), a non-English speaker who rejected my help (hah), and so on. Someone asked to pose for CC and even though I was not prepared I let him, and I got at least one decent picture out of it. There was some confusion at first as I couldn't see the anims he was playing; finally I understood and told him to play inworld not locally, and it was fine.

I started working on a blogpost explaining step by step how to fight as a Tiny, but was waylaid by my poser (who was quite nice).

A completely meaningless list, like my meaningless damages list, I suppose.

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posted by - 10:53 PM

The damages list would piss me off royally too :(

But id the moles are preparing to work on Oak Grove, my bets are they are preparing to work on more historic sites rather than bulid new stuff - hope may yet prove fruitful!
I wasn't angry, just sad.
i recognize the words, but they make no sense put together
I'm not surprised.
The words made sense to me ... sorry I was not around to be cheery and silly!

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