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15 February 2010

This is the next part of my everything-I-think-is wrong-is-right extravaganza, except I am too tired to do more than lay 10% of it out. I hope I'll get back to it as it doesn't make much (any?) sense as-is, I'm sure.

User Interface

Our brains contain what we use to interface with the world, and our senses are part of it, too.

Things we posess are linked (memory) and seem to include many types:

Things close to hand (close to hand changes according to where we are)
Things accessible but not close to hand
Things we own but can't access without effort
Big things like land
Things that don't exist like bank balances
Memories (like Snapshots in SL)
Dreams/Dream memories (bit like wireframe)
Shared memories (movies, books, television - degree of sharing is greater as the personal input lessens)

Things we think we own but actually got rid of years ago
Memories that are false
Dreams we think are real

There's a moving around thing going on. Whereas in SL we have things in our inventories, things rezzed, and things worn, in real life we just hold the links to most things except for memories, which exist only in our heads.

Partial breakdown of inventory (I broke down before finishing):

People we don't like
People who are meaningful to us because of positive things ("That salesman is always smiling.")
People who are meaningful to us because of negative things ("That deliveryman gives me the creeps.")
People we've heard of but don't know (Nelson Mandela, A.S. Byatt, Zazu Pitts)- exist in reality and in imaginations of people so they are like shared memories<-- shared significance

People we've heard of who don't exist (James Bond, Gandalf, Philip Marlowe) - exist only in imaginations of people so they are like shared memories<-- shared significance Safety<---->Danger
Input from senses (smell smoke, feel softness, hear a familiar voice)
Cogitative effort and capacity
Degree of interest in self-preservation ("It was on fire when I lay down on it.")
Response to slow-moving danger as opposed to immediate danger

People who don't exist but we think they do
People who exist but are entirely different from our impression, accidentally
Media Constructs<-- shared significance
People who exist but are entirely different from our impression by their nefarious design (scammers, politicians, gypsy fortunetellers, oversexed boyfriends)

Reactions to other people's reactions to our appearance
Reactions to other people's personalities and appearances
Sense of humour
Reactions to incidental details in our lives (born rich, orphaned, talented at singing)


We have gone from sharing with a few people in our unit (cave, village, family) to sharing a small percentage of things with millions (Star Trek, Ode to Joy, Peter Pan) to sharing a significant percentage with billions (Internet, global news, movies, television, music). We must be near a tipping point when there will be no more "them," only "us."


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