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07 January 2011

Inception Intervention

Two hours-worth of CG movie trailers end-to-end would be more entertaining and probably have a more cohesive storyline. I didn't care about any of these characters at all. The dialogue blew, and the acting was spotty. The snow was grey. The screenwriters had quite obviously been impressed by World Builder.

I was going to say it's a waste but... a waste of WHAT? I always see Leo DiCaprio in a rose-tinted aura emanating from Gilbert Grape, however his current schtick appears unequal to his early work. He does look like Jimmy Cagney now, which is cool (but he probably can't dance).

I'm not saying no one will like it.* I certainly wanted to be entertained, I just wasn't. I erroneously thought it was scifi, so I obviously was a lamb to the slaughter - not my usual way of finding movies.

* If you like it go away.


posted by - 9:26 PM

Don't you think that this is sort of like what places like Second Life aspire to?
It's all just computer graphics - so no, I don't see it as related to SL in particular just a "World Builder" rip-off. Exactly what makes this aspire-worthy? SL has to stream *everything* so it can't have this degree of realism, but obviously you can have it, given enough computing power, time, and money. Eventually even in real time. But - we are less interested in recreating reality than in creating things unable to exist in reality, and in exploring concepts that are valid and perhaps clearer even when reduced in complexity. Just as a hotel room doesn't need all your accumulated possessions to be a desirable place to spend time, so a virtual world doesn't need every complexity of reality.
The other thing, which is obvious but I'll point out anyway, is that computer graphics is just a tool that can be used to do many different things. In this case it was used to create non-participatory passively-consumed entertainment; in other forms it is used to actively create and develop artwork, role-playing, socialisation, etc. in a real-time, participatory way.
great comments Osprey - my favorite parts of SL are those that could not exist in RL. someday the new medium will break free of the content of the old one and that will be the beethoven of SL.
meanwhile we want more movies like Gilbert Grape!!
hehe, I loved it. Not just liked, loved :) But then I'm a sucker for a computer game and that's all that film was, a computer game - the fight bits, the dialogue, the effects, all pure game.

Actually, although I liked them on one level (the level of 14 year old boy) the gun fights (and there were many0 were my least favourite part - to me the film didn't need them. To me the most interesting part was the relationship with his dead wife, the fact his own guilt and pain wouldn't let her go despite the fact she/he was turning in on himself. The whole emotional dynamic of that really grabbed me, but that’s not surprising – it’s essentially what happened to Dr Beck in Steal Head (I wish to state that I had never watched nor read about Inception when I wrote all that stuff.

The 4 layer dream, the desperate nature of Leo DC’s emotional state, the visual effects and the music (oh god the music!) just grabbed me. Yeah I loved all the Martix-esque fight scenes, but I could have done without them. Yup, on the whole I loved it :-D

/me is going away now as per the blog’s instructions ;)
My friend Con's son used to want people to sit and watch him as he played video games. I honestly didn't find the passive role any fun.

/me stabs HBA
hehe - I quite like watching people game :-D

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